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NEW YORK, NY 10029

Metropolitan Hospital Center is a full service community hospital that provides state-of-the-art care and leading edge technology in a modern environment.

Metropolitan Hospital Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in New York County, NY.

Metropolitan Hospital Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Metropolitan Hospital Center is a government - local hospital.

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I gave birth to my daughter at this hospital. The staff can be hit or miss depending on who you get. The resident that I had during delivery was good but not warm or friendly or anything you may want/expect when you are having your first child, so there's that. However, she did do her job and fortunately I did not have any complications. Apparently, new parents are supposed to receive a special dinner on the last night at the hospital, but we did not get this. When we told the nurse, she just apologized, but still didn't do anything. One thing I did like is that we had our own room, so I did not have to share with a new mom and her family. The facility is very clean and somewhat updated, although the televisions in the delivery rooms suck. (a week ago)

Well I came to review the cafeteria but I can't find a separate cafeteria posting. Anyways the cafeteria food is so delicious! It is made healthy so will not feel guilty eating this. I went every Wednesday...the oxtail omg! It's so good they run out you have to go early as you can since they only make it on Wednesdays. That's all anyone has to remember: Wednesdays = Oxtail! Makes my mouth water just typing this. (3 weeks ago)

This hospital has BY FAR the worst OR staff I’ve ever come in contact with. The scrub techs for the most part, with exception of maybe one, are the WORST of the worst, have attitude problems, act like they don’t want to work, and are just plain nasty. Unfortunately they also have very thick accents, which I don’t mind but then they get agitated when asked to repeat themselves. They wouldn’t know what’s sterile technique if it hit them in the face. They are USELESS. At least the surgeons are very capable and professional, and doctors seem to also be very attentive (a week ago)

This is a horrible hospital! I took my grandfather there a few weeks ago because he was feeling very ill. We told you guys he had not taken his blood pressure medication for a few days and you right away jumped to the conclusion that that was why he felt ill. You sent him home! On the 1st of Jan 2018 we had to bring him to Mount Sinai Hospital ER on Madison Ave. Where, today, he is currently lying in his death bed waiting to pass! He is sick with a terminal illness. An infection in his blood that he is, unfortunately, too ill to even have the necessary test preformed on him to figure out where the infection came from! A simple CT scan can kill him instantly! I took my grandfather to your hospital more than 3 times with the same symptoms and all you did was brush him off! His death will be from your doing or shall I say from what you guys DIDN’T DO FOR HIM!!! (4 months ago)


Worst Hospitals I have ever gone to living my entire life in New York City. This place is a total filth in the emergency room blood on the floor of one of the patient rooms with used alcohol pads thrown on the floor, food left over from patients. The maintenance female was obviously milking the clock while standing in front of the desk chit-chatting with the employees for over an hour an a half no wonder this place is a hot mess. I complained that the room they put me in was dirty not only did I complain but numerous other patients complain that I spoke to. When I first got in they were letting all the sick patience that came in after me before me when I'm having severe issues and some bleeding. I had to wait 35 minutes before seeing a nurse and getting a wristband before waiting another 6 hours in an open area where all the nurse and doctors are at. Every time I saw a nurse or a doctor it was in an open area where I had no privacy. I had a man stare at me that was a patient the whole time while the doctor- resident is lifting up my shirt. None of the tests I had requested from the doctors and nurses were ever done actually nothing was done I waited 6 hours just to get results of a damn pregnancy test which I had already done at home! I'm having problems with my intestines/organs/infection I don't even know!! No test were order or done. my urine was sitting on the floor for over 5 hours they told me my urine was going to come back but they never even took my urine it was on the floor the whole time!!! Nothing was done I was such in shock I should have never came to this Hospital! The doctors and nurses are very neglectful of patients issues. All the doctors the desk clerk everyone working at this emergency room all were arguing for the 6 plus hours at different times that I was there never seen an establishment so unprofessional! This place is just for homeless people don't waste your money and time at this ER!!!! (6 months ago)

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