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Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge offers patients the high level of quality care, technology and service that you'd expect to find in a nationally leading hospital.

Methodist Medical Center Of Oak Ridge is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Anderson County, TN.

Methodist Medical Center Of Oak Ridge does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Methodist Medical Center Of Oak Ridge is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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The way I was treated and respected was unbelievable. I have never dealt with so many kind, caring people in my life. Everyone was incredible. I actually hated to leave. Everyone was attentive and came by to ask if I needed anything, if it was clean enough for my expectations, level of pain, etc. I am so proud this is the hospital of my home town and proud of how well this hospital is being ran. If you are the manager please know you're hospital is being ran just as you would want it, like a finely tuned machine. (a month ago)

Was given an appointment for a 6pm CT scan. Thrilled that I could go after work. Apparently that appointment means nothing. I'm sitting here in line with the ER patients, given the excuse that "they're running behind". Had I known this I would have made other arrangements. Drove from Roane county for this. Extremely unsatisfied. Been here an hour so far. (a month ago)

My father had a serious AAA surgically treated. Through the series of pre op , procedure, and post op visits we have found the staff and volunteers to be very caring, very concerned, and extremely knowledgeable. It is somewhat difficult to find ones way around this facility. However, the staff is always ready to assist. (in the last week)

If I could figure out how to give them less than a star (or none) I would. My daughter went to the ER (for the second time in a few days) because her pain was worse and wasn't going away (and this is what they tell you to do when they discharge someone. "Come back if you are not getting better or pain is worse". They don't mean it.). The doctor didn't even examine her, told her to "deal with it" and sent her home. We took her to Tennova that night where they promptly admitted her. 3 days later, she had to have surgery. I tried to contact the ER director for many days and weeks after this to complain about the doctors hateful and dismissive treatment and have not ever received a follow up call. I won't ever go back. (2 months ago)

Registration vs. Nurse spat caused my bleeding child a delay into triage. ..After my daughter fell splitting her head open, we arrived at the ER (thankful to see that NO ONE ELSE WAS IN THE WAITING ROOM)..We ran to registration where the woman behind the desk attempted to buzz triage. -no answer. ...As my daughter was literally dripping all over the floor and her face is now COMPLETELY covered with blood. I asked what she was doing. (At this point, -after one attempt-she was back to typing on her computer) The woman didn't even look up. She said that there was nothing that she could do until Triage got back to her. ....WHAT?!....I waited. and then after 2 minutes, which seemed like forever, (but now my daughter was rolling her eyes in the back of her head) I said that we could call 911 to be taken elsewhere if we could not be seen. At this point, a man in scrubs came from behind a locked door, looked at us, and kept walking. I stood up and screamed I NEED HELP. A woman in a suit came from behind another desk and saw us and spoke to a nurse from behind a closed door. A nurse slowly walked up to us and began to say snarky comments to registration about how she wouldn' t come out until it was entered into the computer....I understand protocol, but this was ridiculous. Yes, it was a laceration and not a gunshot wound. BUT IT WOULDN'T HAVE MATTERED. The nurse at registration didn't even bother to ask!! She saw my 7 year old, crying, covered in blood, and didn't..even...look...up...Response time, Care, Non-existent. My daughter had a laceration on her head requiring 9 stitches. We saw her primary care immediately afterwards, they were appalled that there were no attempts or discussion about head damage, scans or concussions. It was scary that there was such apathy. (a month ago)

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