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PEORIA, IL 61636

Compare Methodist Medical Center Of Illinois in Peoria, Illinois to all hospitals based on ratings, evaluations, and more.

Methodist Medical Center Of Illinois is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Peoria County, IL.

Methodist Medical Center Of Illinois does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Methodist Medical Center Of Illinois is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I'd put zero stars but I can't leave a review unless I put at least one. So basically, when I went into labor with my daughter, NO ONE let my mother know that I was okay in the labor and delivery unit. No one informed her that everything was going as smoothly as it was behind closed doors. She was worried sick about me. Only after a few minutes upon me giving birth, was she able to get any information. They didn't even play the lullaby they play when a new baby enters the world. So that didn't help my mother feel anymore at ease. During my stay, they told me I'd have to stay an extra 24hrs because my daughter kept spitting up her food, and I kept telling them that it was normal, that she was getting the mucus out of her lungs and that nothing was seriously wrong. None of the nurses helped me with my baby when my fiancee had to go to work the day after I gave birth. None of the nurses helped me feed her, or change her, I couldn't sleep because no one would come in and help me take care of my daughter. I couldn't shower. I couldn't even pee without her crying, and no one helping me. I was a brand new mother at the time, my daughter is my first child. I had to stay ANOTHER 24 hours kept up in a room with no help, just so they could make sure my daughter was going to be okay. (which she was. I told them this numerous times. But what do I know? I'm not the mother of my child or anything.) Only after our 72 hour stay was I able to leave and take my daughter home to FINALLY start our life together. The only good that came out of the entire ordeal was my amazing doctor and the nurses that helped me deliver our baby girl. They kept me laughing between contractions, they kept me laughing while pushing (as weird as that sounds). My labor and delivery experience was far better, and far more welcoming than that of my experience with the maternity ward. Then, just last night, my fiancee almost went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance after falling down the stairs and almost losing oxygen. He was in the hospital getting various tests done, and he was sent home with a piece of paper that indicated his diagnosis to be "Loss of consciousness (HCC)" but they're sending him to a specialist because all of his tests came back normal, and they can't figure out what's wrong with him. I'm absolutely annoyed at the service at this hospital. Professionals shouldn't have to send their patients to "specialists". I refuse to revisit this hospital. Edit: The food sucks, by the way. It was served to me cold. My first meal after giving birth was cold. I had coupons for my best friend to get something to eat and they got mad, thinking it was me, and refused her food because they thought I ordered twice. Lmao (a month ago)

Excellent staffing with very kind nurse's, Doctor dude was a ok too! bb (2 months ago)

I went to Methodist on July 7 2015 to have surgery for an hernia and they cut me 12 times when they said they was going to cut me 4 times. Dr. Julius did my surgery and messed me up. I will never go to this hospital again. (2 months ago)

Er nurses are so unprofessional and rude this place should be shut done . I know see why there is never no wait !!! Just go across the street and wait a little longer you will be in better hands !!! Young male nurse with a long beard is so ignorant and unprofessional!!!! I will never return to this er ever again!!!! (4 months ago)

Would be nice if there was a -10. My mom was in 2 x in 2 months, apparently they don't look at old charts to see what's going on. She has a broken ankle yet they had her up walking on it when she's no weight bearing. Came in one morning she's ripped her i.v. out gown off & sitting on edge of bed with her bed alarm off how would that of worked out is she fell negligence all over the place. Never again St. Francis from now on. Oh and was left in bed with blood on sheets for 2 days until I changed them myself 2 times idiots. (7 months ago)

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