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Methodist McKinney Hospital is a community hospital in Stonebridge Ranch serving McKinney and Frisco Texas, and is dedicated to wellness.

Methodist Mckinney Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Collin County, TX.

Methodist Mckinney Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Methodist Mckinney Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I visited the hospital for the first time on 3/19. I walked into the front and was never greeted. Finally, a gal at the admissions desk told me her co-worker would be with me. Her co-worker took her time getting to me, since she was talking to another employee. I was taken back to the surgical waiting area where I sat in bed for TWO AND A HALF HOURS without a word from anyone about the delay. They had called me to come in 30 minutes early and my procedure was supposed to be 90 minutes later. After waiting in the bed for over 2 hours (with no call button or any way to get out of the bed), I managed to get the siderail down and get up and ask for a restroom. After that, I was directed back to bed (again, no cal button) to wait for almost another hour. They finally told me, after I asked them and not before, that the doctor was late. Ten minutes later, they told me the anesthesiologist was late. Finally, almost 3 hours after my appointment time, they took me to surgery waiting, where I spoke with my doctor. He apologized for the delay, yet the anesthesiologist never did. They performed my procedure, and I found out after I went home that they left all of the betadine all over my back. In 20 years of this type of procedure, that has never happened to me. Apparently, the OR nurses were too lazy to wash it off after my procedure was over. Then, while I was under the influence in recovery, they asked me to take a survey. Having a choice, I won't go there again, but they are in my insurance network and I may be forced to. My nurses were nice, but the overall way I was treated was most definitely NOT nice. Still waiting on a call back to discuss this with someone. (in the last week)

My dad had a double knee replacement here and stayed for a few days before transferring to rehab. This hospital is beautiful and looks like a hotel, the staff is accommodating and attentive. I was very comfortable with my dad being here. The lady who was serving lunch offered lunch to my mom who was staying with my father day and night. I would definitely recommend this hospital! They really do care. My dad had his surgery with Dr. Miller and we couldn't be any more pleased! (5 months ago)

Our first trip to the ER was on 9/28/2017 about 930pm, my 24 year old son had been running fever since Tuesday evening and complaining of headache and lower back pain. He is prone to get strep so we told the ER doctor and nurse. They tested him for strep and flu which came back negative. They gave him a shot of antibiotics and prescribed oral antibiotics and his diagnosis was "fever". Told us it was just some type of infection either viral or bacterial, if bacterial the antibiotics would take care of it, if it was viral it would have to run its course. If he was still running fever after 10 days to see his doctor. He continued to run a high fever and developed a slight cough by Saturday. I telephoned the ER about 11pm and the person who answered the phone and I explained everything and I had even mentioned that I was afraid it could be pneumonia, he told me quote, unquote, "Is he having a hard time breathing? I said, "no". He said "well then its not pneumonia, its an infection and has to run it's course." Sunday morning with my son still running fever I telephoned our primary care physician who instructs me to immediately take him back to ER and ask for them to run blood work. We go back to the ER and are greeted with a woman who when I explain why we are there she tells me she cannot tell me if the doctor will do blood work that would be up to the doctor. I explain again that our doctor had said being he has run fever since Tuesday he needs to be seen. She tells me well we can't deny to see you. I ask her what should we do and she tells me she can't tell us what to do. No compassion whatsoever. He sees the doctor and is diagnosed with pneumonia and dehydration. He has lost 20 lbs in 5 days. I am glad we didn't listen to the doctor and nurse on Thursday evening nor the incompetent person who we spoke to on Saturday evening. We have insurance, they are getting paid, so why this ER was not more thorough I have NO CLUE. (5 months ago)

In May, I had knee replacement surgery which meant I had a 2 day hospital stay. The staff was so awesome! I had everything I needed when I needed it, and everyone was always so nice and willing to help. My husband stayed with me the whole day and the nurses were very attentive to our needs at all times. The hospital was clean and up to date. The financial office was understanding of all our financial concerns, and the food was so good too! For once I didn't mind hospital food! :D (8 months ago)

End-to-end top-notch care. Everyone was attentive to my needs and how I was feeling - everything to make the medical procedure as smooth as possible. Both I and a family member have had procedures done there and the experience was consistently as good as you could expect. (6 months ago)

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