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Merit Health Wesley is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Forrest County, MS.

Merit Health Wesley does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Merit Health Wesley is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Symptoms were inadequately treated. No follow up meds for vomiting and very low potassium were given. That’s a recipe for a heart attack (and a lawsuit dummies). Also, Don’t go here if you are African American and in pain. Drs. Trump and Ali don’t not prescribe anything stronger than Tylenol for non Caucasians. I suppose I might be a little upset by the nonsensical diagnosis of PID, a few weeks after my annual gyn exam precluded that diagnosis. The visit bordered on malpractice. (in the last week)

My nephew is in the NICU here. The hall and room that we went into was very clean. The nurses were very nice. (a month ago)

I’ve put off leaving a review for two years trying to process my experience and react rationally, however, it’s been two years and I still have nothing but anger at what happened to me. My son was delivered at Merit Health in December of 2015. I arrived at the ER early that afternoon. After I was brought back to L&D, I informed the staff that I was scheduled for a cesarean in a few days and I would still need a cesarean delivery because of complications with my daughters birth three years earlier. They hooked me up to monitors and, I’m assuming, started prepping the OR. At some point, it became clear that my son was in distress, and the situation had become emergent. Up until this point, I had had no issues with the staff or the hospital. However, that changed when I was informed that there wasn’t an anethesiologist in the hospital. How is this best practice for one of only two major hospitals in the area? I was then presented with the choice to either risk my son’s life or have a major operation with no anesthesia. Obviously, I opted to make the choice I should never have needed to make and chose my son. I endured this extremely painful operation while my husband listened to my screams from outside the OR. I was finally placed under general anesthesia after he was delivered. When I woke up, I was barely asked if I was okay, and the situation was never brought back up again. No questions at the follow-up appointment. No one seemed to care that I was having, and still do to some extent, a horrible experience in the aftermath what happened to me. So, no, I can’t recommend this facility to anyone. They were critically understaffed when I needed them the most. The patient care was lacking compassion that I desparately needed both physically and mentally. (5 months ago)

Nursing staff (OB) was great, but the administrative staff is horrible. The administrative staff treats you like just another number, pushes you to pay up front, and does not explain paperwork or processes. (a month ago)

i had an appointment @ 9:40 in the women’s health department. The voicemail they left me said to arrive 30 minuets early, i get here at 9:00 it is now 11:00 and i am still waiting to be seen by a doctor. (2 months ago)

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