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Providing high-quality, personalized care is the specialty of the 500 healthcare professionals at Merit Health Rankin in Brandon. Those who have experienced the care ...

Merit Health Rankin is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Rankin County, MS.

Merit Health Rankin does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Merit Health Rankin is a proprietary hospital.

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DO NOT GO HERE FOR ANY MEDICAL NEEDS WHATSOEVER. If I could rate this hospital with a 0 star I would. I took my 9-year-old son in to this ER after his fishing hook got stuck in his knee on 5/1/2018. The nurse decided to cut the fishing hook leaving the metal barb still stuck in his leg without even saying anything to me about it first. We went to X-Ray 3 times, you could clearly see the metal in his leg. The doctor couldn’t even find it to get it out. WHAT A JOKE. I believe he just didn’t want to deal with it. When I asked the doctor why the nurse didn’t use her basic common sense. He looked at me and said we are an ER and there’s only so much we can do here. FIRST OFF, I DO NOT HAVE A MEDICAL DEGREE and I could have told you that the smartest thing to do was numb his knee and cut a small piece of his skin where the hook was and pull the ENTIRE hook out. They cut a huge spot in his knee and we ended up going home with stiches with metal still in his leg. They then referred me to a surgeon so that they can remove the rest of the metal hook. They told me the surgeons office would call me. However, the ER put my phone number in the system WRONG. So therefor I had to call and make an appointment. They told me that he could come to this hospital and do an outpatient procedure. I then told them that I would rather go to St. Dominic’s before I EVER RETURNED TO THIS HOSPITAL. I should have gone to that hospital in the first place and I wouldn’t be putting my son through this now. THIS HOSPITAL IS HORRIBLE. (2 weeks ago)

I am here for MRI, computer down, no one around yet ato 8am. how long you wait doesn't matter if you know someone they go 1st. I can tell I am going to be mad before I get finished. I have been here 30 minutes and just sitting for nothing. I guess employees don't get here at 8. Lady in billing very kind and fast. still waiting for test while employees eat breakfast. eat BEFORE you come to work, not on the clock. love this hospital but don't go to ER on the weekends. They don't want to do anything and are slow as molasses. (5 months ago)

Great Doctors and great Nurses. Hospital run very poorly. Waited far too long for everything. It's a shame ...Nurse Teresa and Nurse Marty From the 2nd floor you both are awesome!!!!!!!!! (3 months ago)

I had a few procedures performed at Merit for some health issues. Everytime I showed up for another test, the admissions lady would ask “how much can I pay today for this test?” I was averaging at least 1 test a week for 1.5 months, so i would usually pay $20 in person for that particular test that day. The lady would then say “you seem to make good money, you can pay more” — unprofessional. Considering I had something very serious going on, the last thing the patient needs to be worried about is getting a guilt trip from the admissions personnel. I always kept making monthly payments (on time) for about 3 months until one day I get a call from a collection agency claiming I need to pay all my bills in FULL. I’m still confused how they could report me if I was making monthly payments, but Merit found a way. If you’re thinking about going here, do yourself a favor and go anywhere else. Regardless of the severity, anywhere is better than Merit. (4 months ago)

Brought my 8 month old son in because he fell off a high bed and landed on his head and neck. Sat in the waiting room for 45 minutes with nobody else in there. Then sat in the room for an hour before I even saw another living human. They did not do a cat scan and just said if he looses motor skills bring him back........ Um OK so basically wait til it get way worse then bring him back. This hospital is a joke. Will never come back. Nice people but awful service. I suggest going to a different hospital.......UPDATE.... Took my son to a different hospital two days later cause he had a huge lump. Turns out he has a fractured skull. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Im very thankful it was not as bad as it could have been sense this hospital missed it!!! (5 months ago)

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