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Merit Health Batesville is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Panola County, MS.

Merit Health Batesville does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Merit Health Batesville is a proprietary hospital.

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Today is the 2nd time I’ve had to Check into the Radiology Reception and both times Brenda Hawkins checked me in. This lady is extremely RUDE and abrasive. Her tone when asked a question was bossy, not as a receptionist should be. When I told her I’d already been here before and my file should be on the system, she responded with a loud boisterous embarrassing tone, “YOU HAVE TO FILL IT OUT EVERY TIME YOU COME HERE!” It’s enough to have to be checked on with 7 documents to Sign each time you come in which is the first in my 51 years. Then, to be be met with such a nasty spirit. When I asked her name she looked at me shocked and offended which tells me that she’s mean all the time. She then told me with a loud demanding tone, “SIT DOWN OVER THERE AND FILL OUT THE FORM!” 😱. There are no children here. I was sent here by the Veterans Administration and a veteran and the last thing I need from someone that I’m giving business is a mean attitude! She needs customer service appreciation training! Please fix this before I report it to the VA. I left my phone number for you to call me. (5 months ago)

On Today February 19, 2018, they released my mother from the hospital without even telling us what they had been treating her for. They had held my mother in the since February 7, 2018. She was still swollen today. I asked questions and the doctor got irritated because we simply wanted to know what was going on. This will not be the last time this hospital will know my name. (4 months ago)

86.3% csection rate, pretty alarming. National average is around 33% and the World Health Organization recommends 10%. Why is this hospital choosing to increase risk to babies and mothers by performing csections on more than 8 out of every 10 deliveries? (7 months ago)

My brother was "treated" here after a vehicle accident. He was told he had a concussion and whip lash and they sent him on his way, literally as he was asked to wait outside for his ride that was over three hours away. He had asked for the phone number for the state police so he could find out where his car had been towed so he could get his diabetes medicine out of the car. The receptionist told him that he had a cell phone and to look the number up himself. This was about one in the morning. Within twenty four hours he was back at urgent care and then transferred to Baton Rouge for possible stroke with 100% blockage of the carotid artery. Now, you cannot tell me that that become blocked after he left this hospital. I would give it negative stars if possible. I will be filing a complaint with the proper authorities. (9 months ago)

My husband and I came in on 11/20/2017 at 11:15am so he can get checked and we are still sitting in the waiting room for someone to come out us in an exam room. I have been sitting here watching for them and I have seen them bring a couple other people to their room that showed up after we did and I don't not agree with what they are doing here and how they are taking people to the rooms. Someone needs to resolve this situation and find out why they put folks in the other waiting room and not come back to check on them they just forget that they are back there. (7 months ago)

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