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Dignity Health Mercy San Juan Medical Center has been serving Carmichael for 50 years and was the first California hospital north of the Bay Area to be designated as ...

Mercy San Juan Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Sacramento County, CA.

Mercy San Juan Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mercy San Juan Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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This place is very consistent on delivering bad service. In other words this place ran out of mercy. Can’t get simple things done here, there’s no microwave so you can warm up your child’s milk or food, no fridge to keep the milk, one nurse said we can keep it in the fridge if it’s labeled, but now another one says oh sorry we don’t have a fridge with a fake smile. The night shift nurse was nice at least she brought us a bowl of ice so we can store milk in it, and warmed up some milk in a microwave somewhere. But the morning shift one it took her four hours to bring a bowl of ice. Our son didn’t sleep for two nights, well he was sick right! And being traumatized with all the blood tests, x-rays and all that. The third night as he was finally able to sleep the poor kid had to be poked again as soon he woke up, can’t you just give that poor child a break? We all know he is there for treatment and you are all the ones who know everything in there. But seems like some nurses are forgetting why they are even there. Your perfect fake smiles aren’t the only job you have. In the end we as parents didn’t ask for anything for ourselves we were just trying to get things done for our son who was a patient there. (a month ago)

I went for an allergy checkup. I am satisfied with the service that I got, BUT: About 4 weeks later I got a call from the hospital threatening me that if I don`t pay the copay fee, my credit will go down etc etc. I was super surprised. It turned out that they could not pull money from the health savings account. I was treated like a criminal, the conversation got the point that I told the person: " Look, I will check, I don`t know why you don`t see the payment, but if you want you can call the police on me if you think I am a criminal " (in the last week)

The people who work here are great. The waiting room is dated. I have waited as long as 8 hour, but then there has been time I wait under an hour, because I wait to go to the emergency until 4 am. Nobody is there at 4 am. So if you don't want to wait around with a bunch of people who go to the emergency for a runny nose or the flu, go at between 3 am and 5 am unless your emergency can't wait then call 911. (3 months ago)

If I was able to leave zero star's I would this hospital has changed my life forever. Horrible treatment of patients and I was actually denied a transfer here if it weren't for the Emtala law I probably would have died at the other hospital. I did file a complaint and suggest everyone look more into this horrible hospital. I will never forget what happened to me. (a month ago)

If I could I would give them no 🌟. I would. My wife had our first child here and for her entire pregnancy the staff and doctors did not care about her high blood pressure until things got worst for her and our baby, then all the staff starting caring. So unprofessional to put my wife and baby life in danger like that. Since we had no other place to go because she was in labor we decided to stay. During labor my wife had a bossy, rude, abnoxious and unprofessional nurse she was so bad to the point were our family and I had to complain to management and ask for someone else to help my wife. We will sure not be coming here ever again. They made our first child experience a living hell. (a month ago)

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