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MERCED, CA 95340

Mercy's Family Birth Center wants you and your family to experience a healthy and happy beginning for a lifetime of memories. ... Mercy Medical Center Merced.

Mercy Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Merced County, CA.

Mercy Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mercy Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I came in 20 years old a young adult, first time walking in a hospital needing help. I was pointed in the right direction by a very friendly nurse. She walked with me, showed me where to go, she made it as easy as possible. I then checked in to get my mouth looked at, got it looked at very promptly. All of the staff was so polite and helpful. It really made this whole process of needing help quick, easy, & painless. Thank you to all of the staff, keep up the excellent work! 5/5 stars. They're the best! (a month ago)

My first time here in years. Staff was friendly and helpful. The doctor and surgeon was professional and did their best to help. The cafeteria has a variety of good food. Facilities clean. (a month ago)

Your E.R. department needs an entire overhaul. Arrived at 11:50 am to see a doctor for severe acid reflux. Signed in and began waiting. At 3 pm asked how much longer and was told they had no idea. At 4 pm asked same question and received same answer. At 5 pm same routine. and also at 6pm. At that time I left. Your hospital should be moved to a third world country, because that's the kind of service you would receive there. You staff your E.R. like a home depot. Not enough staff to do the job efficiently. Keeping the cost down by not having enough doctors on staff. This is all about making as much money as possible and to hell with our patients and their well being. All your slogans and promises are GARBAGE. We as patients don't care about slogans and promises, all we want is to be treated in a timely manner. The person in charge of that department should be forced to sit there for 6-10 hours waiting to be seen by the few doctors that are available. Then you might see what you put us through. If you are not feeling well when you arrive, be assured that you will feel worse while waiting for 7-10 hours for them to call your name. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO OFFER THAT KIND OF SERVICE. (a month ago)

I will never go to this hospital again. I had to take my 85 year-old mother there because it was the closest hospital. When we got to the ER they were so under staffed I could not even find a technician to help my mother go to the rest room so needless to say she peed all over the bed and herself. Once they did get there they didn't even clean her up. I had to. That was just the beginning. They had to take 2 test. The first test showed she broke her hip. The second test was a CT scan. The staff must have been unaware that her hip was broke and yanked her over from her bed to the table. She yelled so load and was in so much pain. She was addmitted and the floor nurses where preoccupied with just standing around talking. When my mother called for help they acted like it was a bother. I explained to them she could not see well and could not hear but they still was bothered ever time she needed their help. They even got angry when she asked if they could turn the TV off for her. I will never ever ever take her there again. I should get my money back and they should be paying me to go to their hospital and I should get paid for doing what their staff should be doing. I wouldn't take my dog to Mercy Hospital in Canton. (a month ago)

DR LEWIS AND HER CNP JAMIE DEMARCO KILLED MY MOM DEBBIE A WOOD !!! PLEASE READ AND SHARE Awful never go to mercy for pain management dr lewis and her cnp jamie are disrespectful and rude and make sure that u dont take any cold or sinus pills cause when u fail test for methamphetamines for a false positive they will leave u out to dry they cut my mil off and her test was low and they would not allow for futher testing even when she requested and she has been in pain management for over 10 yrs and never had one positive test for anything so they caused her pain and suffering just dont want anyone else to experience what I did and be treated like a dog (3 weeks ago)

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