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Learn more about the services offered by Mercy Hospital Washington. Find contact information, location information and more for this Washington hospital.

Mercy Hospital Washington is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Franklin County, MO.

Mercy Hospital Washington does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mercy Hospital Washington is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Refusing to bill my insurance. Charging me an extra 5600, than I’m actually responsible for. Yeah right. Then sent me to collections. Maybe once my lawyer calls them they’ll do their jobs. (a week ago)

If you can drive anywhere remotely close, don’t go to mercy. Worst customer service. Worst billing. Worst doctors. Oh and no one calls back. Almost killed my child and they want to put extra charges on there stating I had visits at other locations, which I didn’t. Guess I shouldn’t expect much from a large chain. (a week ago)

There are great specialist that work out of this hospital, HOWEVER- The E.R is horrible all around H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E! A little kindness and caring training would do them some good. Countless times I've been there for one family member or another and not only watched mouthy rude women talk down to us but others around us. Like we are all there wasting their time. Not just 1 staff member although the elder blonde takes the cake on the smug award of the day. Cold as ice. I advise anyone if you can go somewhere else for E.R please do so. NO STAR (a month ago)

I broke my hand in the same spot for the second time. I work over the road and so I wasn't able to get to the doctors until late in the evening about three days after it happened. There was no wait which was nice. And they were quick with my x-rays. But the PA on staff came In and told me that my x Ray's looked fine and that it must just be sore from overuse. While I am no doctor and hold no medical degree, I know what a broken bone feels like and I know what tendenitis feels like, as I've experienced both. Anyways, she comes back in a few minutes later and says that the radiologist caught a fracture on my scans that she didn't, and it was the same break I had previously. I absolutely need my good hand to work as I drive a semi truck and that mistake could have cost me a month of work. I am glad someone else on staff caught it though. However, they gave me the number to a hand specialist and told me to call him first thing the next morning and to let him know the ER would like me to be seen by him as soon as possible. I called the following morning and talked to a receptionist. She took my info and said that he was in the office that day and would look at my scans and then give me a call. It's been 2 weeks and haven't heard back. I took the splint off because the pain has subsided and it's makes doing my job much safer and easier without my right hand immobile. I will likely regret that decision but I have to continue working. While the staff was friendly for the most part this won't be my first choice for emergencys or specialists again. (a month ago)

I’m disgusted at the McCaughley clinic. My husband has no insurance and has so many medical issues. So I called to try to get him some help. Due to the lack of insurance he’s been trying to treat his pain however he can and they won’t see him. They treated him as a drug abuser when the man just needs help. If he was seeking drugs we could throw a rock and hit a local drug dealer and save ourselves the upset. But no, he wants help. He needs to be diagnosed and he needs the proper medications and treatment and they were rude and judgemental and would rather turn someone away then give them the care and resources they need to get better. What a terrible, useless place. (a month ago)

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