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See why Mercy Hospital St. Louis is a leader in women's services and the top birth center in the country. We're also the only local Level 1 Trauma Center hospital in ...

Mercy Hospital St Louis is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Saint Louis County, MO.

Mercy Hospital St Louis does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mercy Hospital St Louis is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I entered an emergency room in February of 2018 to attempt help with intense all over itching. It had been on and off for months and I had been to allergy doctors and antihistamines were ineffective. Upon entering, I was hit with a line of psychiatric questions. They brought in a psychiatrist, who I refused to speak to and they refused to treat for anything or look further. I later discovered that my liver enzymes were elevated (they did a blood test.) I returned to the ER again a few days later completely desperate. The triage person asked my husband to admit me for a psych evaluation hold. He refused. Then they finally, after literally arguing, agreed to do a ultrasound and discovered I had an internal blockage. The blockage was dealt with via scope and biopsied. They sent me on my way, again, with a list of therapists! After the procedure I had recurring pain, and absolutely no response from the doctor regarding this problem. I called, left messages, and was completed disregarded. Finally, the pain brought me back to the ER in a different hospital 4 months later. Another scope, different hospital...CANCER. I am beyond furious. (in the last week)

The ER department here is of unsatisfactory. I came in to be seen for migraine symptoms, the staff was extremely unattentive and dismissive. The room I was taken to was not the cleanest, the floors we're very dirty. I was given an IV and then forgotten about. After waiting without medication for my symptoms for close to an hour, I deemed it necessary to opt out of service. Only if the doctor and the staff would've made themselves available to treating me prior to expressing dissatisfaction, this visit would have been more pleasant. Having an attitude with patients simply wanting to be advised of an excessive wait time is taking the wrong route with me. I would've been better off going to Missouri Baptist, they're competitor! A remodel of a waiting room doesn't mean better services. (a month ago)

This place has unkind supervisors who treat there employees like nothing but a nobody... If I worked at that place I would be gone asap!! I dont like to see workers belittled like that at all so fix it mercy or pretty soon you won't have anybody to help run that hospital.. (a month ago)

I’m going to give them 4 stars because their hospital is amazing anytime I’m here i haven’t had any issues i loved my ob Doctor ruggari while i was pregnant my daughter is being well taken care of in their NICU which is amazing btw but their cafeteria workers are A** since I’ve been here the NICU parents are able to get a free meal because we’re here all the time obviously from our children being in the NICU and i went down today and they like oh we can’t blah blah blah okay well that’s bs cause since I’ve been here i haven’t had to pay for my meals now i have to ( which i didn’t mind) but they need to TEACH all of their cashiers the same ropes (3 weeks ago)

I had my son here about two weeks ago. I was so excited because I heard that it was one of the best hosptials to have a baby at. When I was in labor the nurses waited to call my doctor when my son was coming out and I was told to just close my legs because the nurses didn't want to deilever a baby. The nurses finally called my doctor and she got there 20 minutes later. My sons head was extremely brusied and he cried everytime you touched it. Once I had my son and was transferred to another room the nursers and doctors were very judgemental because I was 18. With me being 18 and a first time mom I figured they would give me a lot of advice and help but they didn't. I had a wubanub in my sons bassinet when he went back to get checked out by the doctor. The doctor told my nurse that she couldn't beileve I gave my baby a wubanub because they cause sids. I would have never given my son a wubanub if I knew they caused sids!! Anyways the doctor comes back into my room and says my son is very healthy and NEVER says anything about the wubanub!!! My nurse came into my room and asked if the doctor got on to me about the wubanub because they cause sids. The nurse couldn't beileve she never said anything about it to me. This just breaks my heart because I would have never known this about wubanubs if the nurse had never told me and I could have still been giving my son it. In my experience the doctors were VERY unprofessional. It doesn't matter how old you are you should never be judgemental to any of your patients!!! I would never have another child there! (a month ago)

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