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Find out about the Mercy Hospital in Springfield, MO. Mercy provides access to emergency care, trauma care, children's care, cancer treatment & much more.

Mercy Hospital Springfield is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Greene County, MO.

Mercy Hospital Springfield does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mercy Hospital Springfield is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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I drove 2 hours to see my father in law with my 5 children today. He was in the hospital for an infection that may cause him to lose his foot. Praying that's not so. Anyways it has been over 9 years since I stepped foot in Mercy. Once the kids and I got in the building, we were looking at all the maps to see where we needed to go. We headed into an elevator, and then was stopped right away by a male nurse. In a rude and unsettling way, he told me that my kids were not allowed to go up stairs because there were kids running around up there and the security guard made the rule to mot allow children under the age of 15 go up there. I told him that was stupid. He then argued with me and said it wasn't and how I need to check the posters that were posted on the elevator and one in the hall about their enforce mandate law. The posters were 8x11 posters. Besides I was to busy trying to figure out where to go, rather than to look at a small poster. I then called information and they actually told me that it was because of the flu. Then a security guard came out to me and went over everything then information lady did, and told me the guy nurse wanted him to be aware of Really! So I just told the security guard what was told to me from the guy nurse and how rude he was to me and my children. And how he didn't even inform me of the correct information. The security guard told me about the posters again, and I told him that they need to be bigger. Not everyone is going to read them. And how something should be posted on the website as well. And how far I drove to get to the hospital. He then tells me of who to contact because that person can make accommodations for me and my kids. I was greatly confused. I just had my mother in law come sit with my children so I could visit my father in law. Very disappointed. My kids had the flu shot and they could also wear masks and gloves. Because you can get the flu by just walking into the building if it was that bad there. So I guess if my children get sick, even though they didn't see grandpa, I could hold them liable. They really are not the smartest people working at a hospital. If I were running the place, I would have a big sign right in front at every entrance, and treat others with respect, and have the correct the information given the first time. (4 months ago)

I’ve only had positive, wonderful experiences with Mercy hospital, for myself and my family. I really don’t understand why so many people are saying it’s a horrible place..that just isn’t so. I’ve also been treated with care, consideration and respect. The medical staff is also wounderful. (2 weeks ago)

I was just discharged from here, I had surgery on January 11, 2018. From the moment I got there, i was treated with dignity and respect. Everything was explained to me, from the nurses to the anesthesiologists to my doctors and what to expect during and after surgery. After surgery, I met Logan, who was my nurse, and she was beyond fantastic. She really cared about my needs and keeping me comfortable, and was very knowledgeable and I felt very well taken care off. So thank you to Logan for taking such wonderful care of me, and thank you to all the staff for a wonderful experience! I would DEFINITELY come back, and definitely would recommend this hospital to others!!!❤ (6 months ago)

I went in early on a Monday morning to the ER. By Thursday morning I had my gallbladder removed. Everyone at the hospital, in the ER, on the floor in my room, staff during the ultrasound, MRI, ERCP, and surgery was excellent. The kindness and gentle care that I was given the entire time was such a blessing. I only moved to Missouri two weeks prior to my medical needs, and I am so glad that I chose Mercy for my care. God's blessings on each and everyone who participated in taking care of me. (2 months ago)

To every single person who helped me from admissions to the moment I walked out of the hospital, I was treated with the utmost compassion and complete professionalism. I have never seen so many people work together for a common goal of helping a patient as what I experienced on my visit from 4/3/2018 to 4/4/2018. Thanks to all. (3 months ago)

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