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Allina' s Mercy Hospital is nationally recognized for clinic excellence and compassionate care.

Mercy Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Anoka County, MN.

Mercy Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mercy Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I had originally posted a bad review a few weeks back, but there was a big misunderstanding. The lady on the phone making my appointment for my MRI somehow managed to spell my last name wrong and get my birthday wrong. So when I called to confirm my appointment, they said I wasn’t in the system which makes sense since I was telling them the correct spelling when they had the wrong spelling and wrong name. Make sure to arrive very early to any appointments, as you have to pull a number tab (like at the DMV) and wait to be called just to check in to your appointment. The staff is very nice and friendly for the most part. The doctors made a major effort to make sure I was comfortable and helped to calm my nerves. (3 weeks ago)

Was there for a hip replacement. Nurse's were great. Problems are no one will pick up paper on the floor and when discharged I was to have pt in 72 hours. Pt wanted to schedule me for 3 weeks out not 3 days. Called repeatedly with the promise or a return call and no one ever did. Will wait until I see the surgeon. No excuses for not having post op pt. (3 months ago)

Had to be taken to the ER. I had a great experience. Everyone was kind and attentive and I felt very well taken care of. (in the last week)

I am a nurse and have worked in several different facilities. This is absolutely the WORST hospital I have ever been to. I went to the ER with severe chest pains. I waited for 5 hours listening to horror stories of wait times and even worse stories of people that were wrongly diagnosed. The floors in the ER and the bathrooms were disgustingly dirty. If I hadn't already waited so long I would of left. The visit ended by me finally calling the administrator and asked for my EKG results. She talked to the nurse and was told if they were abnormal I would of been called in back already and there are at least 10 people in front of me. I am currently on my way to a different hospital. HORRIBLE HOSPITAL! (2 months ago)

Absolutely nightmare. My baby kept vomiting and I told doctor about my baby slipped on the floor bumped her back of head. Took a shower before she went to bed. And she kept vomiting from sleep with no fever. Doctor gave 3 options all suggested to take ct scan for my baby only 17 month old. Otherwise they wouldn't allow my baby leave hospital. I told them my baby slipped on the floor same way before. She probably just got a cold and getting stomach infection. I was so regretful to let them take my baby for ct scan which caused high risk for my baby cancer. And she got high temperature and redness near ear. They are definitely money maker but not life saver. Don't go here. I am blaming myself for choosing to this hospital even if it's a close location. They scared you and asked to do all kinds of exam without really knowing what happened with your baby. Assigned urine test for 17 month to check urine infection while my baby is urine clear and private part clean no fever. They kept you waiting but doing nothing.I will try to complain and contact all my insurance and state to talk about this issue even if I know it is hard to fight for a hospital. They charged the service that we haven't used. They are fraudster. I wish every people know the bad reviews are real. Please do not risk your family life by even getting here. They won't let you go if they don't make some money out of you. Poor people have no power to fight for but at least we can avoid this place. All people there work together to refuse to give your discharge paper. They give u some guides as "portion of discharge paper". I think I majored wrong major. If I could be an lawyer or doctor to help my baby and to take this hospital down. They are absolutely nightmare of my lifetime. They are not doctors, but liars. No professionals are there. They care less about life but money. Mercy with no mercy at all. I really wish anyone can take this place down. If Donald Trump can do it, I will voted for him forever. I will try my best to let anyone I know not go this place unless u think u are going to die. (a month ago)

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