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Learn more about the services offered by Mercy Hospital Booneville. Find contact information, location information and more here.

Mercy Hospital Booneville is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Logan County, AR.

Mercy Hospital Booneville does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mercy Hospital Booneville is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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If I could give -5 stars I would we have been here for 4 hours and all they did is a X-ray no one checked on my daughter or anything claims that 5 emergancys came in and there has not been any one cme into the er that we have seen..... Def. Would not go to this place again even if my arm or leg was cut off.......... Do not go..... (3 months ago)

I'm a veteran first and foremost, and if you have any experience with the VA it's like pulling teeth to get an appointment or see your primary care team for a health issue/concern. I go to this hospital quite a bit because it's in my town and I don't have to travel an hour to a different facility. I also understand the craze of prescription abuse by some people. To make a long story short, after a week of vommitting and serious pain on my right side, the nurse from my care team instructed me to go to the ER. First of all the staff like to gossip about the patients, they gather at the reception desk and laugh and giggle. I've witnessed on multiple occasions the DR. Was on Facebook scrolling through her timeline. The wait times are ridiculous, the times I have gone I've been there for a minimum of four hours. Their go to excuse for taking so long is we're busy. But here is the icing on the cake, I go there because I'm throwing up for a week, and have this incredible pain in my right side. After tests and radiation they tell me I have shingles, which I don't, then it's kidney stones but not the kind that cause pain. So taking a med for shingles a condition I don't have made my symptoms worse, so I go back and I'm literally in tears cause I'm hurting so bad and they gave me toradol which did nothing for me and I brought that to their attention, and the DR said and I quote "Due to a new state law we are longer equipped with narcotic pain medicine and we can no longer prescribe any narcotic pain medicine. Which is a lie, in addition to the nurse telling me that none of the Drs are emergency room physicians or trained as such. So the next day I called and made a complaint about the staff, low and behold my wife just went there, and because I made a complaint they treated her like absolute garbage. So not only did I call and hurt miss Wilma feelings (the nurse in charge) I went and got my wife and hurt everyone's feelings who were working there, they said we're calling the police and I said ok I'll wait until they get here and they immediately got my wife her discharge papers. So in closing if you value your life make this place your very last resort. (6 months ago)

Wait for 2+ hrs and no one checks to see how u are doing. And only 10 mins with doc when they finally do show up. Not happy at all! (8 months ago)

--5!NoStar!! HORRIBLE! Save yourself the trouble and get to a diffront ER!! If possible or wait & go to your primary physician. I WAS TREATED LIKE AN ADDICTED, TRYING TO GET HIGH!! ((Unjustly & Not Right!)) There's somthing wrong with this ER or DOCTORS in Booneville, AR. It's unfare & not right!!! ER Doctors are able to see what meds your taking, how many visits you have done to the emergency room and even see who your primary physician is! RIGHT! so why can't the DR, DO or APRN make an educated decision on who is looking to get high or trying to get pills? IT'S NOT ME! They could/should make an educated guess by reading the paperwork they gave me at the end of my visit instead of pushing me out the door. After throwing up for 24 hours this is my review. I was treated HORRABLE!! completely inconsiderate of my health problem which is why I went to the ER to begin with! (AN EMERGENCY)They took long over an hour to be seen by Dunn, Jacky F, DO on 4/12/17 in the ER at Booneville. The entire time waiting I was crying, hurting in pain, DO Dunn said I had an infection. He would have the RN bring meds in to hopefully reduce my pain. "Wonderful I came to the ER because I desperately needed help that I could NOT fix myself" After 40 min my husband asked how much longer she's in a great deal of pain please help my wife. After 20 more min RN came in with diffront medication then Dunn DO originally told me and with my discharge paperwork to sign & let me go. THEY DID NOT EVEN WAIT TO SEE MY REACTION TO THE MEDICATION I WAS GIVEN!! Just pushed me out sent me home, me throwing up for over 24 hours should have been avoided! If they did there job! MOST AWFUL, Disgusting behavior of all, my husband and I over heard Dunn DO & the RN saying, "it's for her or her husband but they just want pain medication." COMPLETELY WRONG!!! and of they read my info on file/computer they would know that is not what I want, I needed help desperately. I have been to the ER twice over a couple years 1 of the 2 times they kept me overnight becouse of the great EMERGENCY needing to add blood with additional complications. Monthly I see a APRN and never filling any 'pain meds' or any narcotics and to be truthful after all my surgeries, I myself don't want any narcotics daily. I tell the doctors NO to pain meds & never any pain contract. It's been pushed on me by doctors. WHY WOULD ANYBODY IN YOUR ER JUST ASSUME I'M AN ADDICTED IN SEARCH OF DRUGS???  With NO good causes, I don't understand. I'm completely ferocious with the way I was treated, nobody should be treated like this when needing help!!! NOBODY!!! (a year ago)

(7 months ago)

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