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Mercy Hospital Ardmore, Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Carter County, OK.

Mercy Hospital Ardmore, Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mercy Hospital Ardmore, Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Unprofessional. Unsanitary. Lack of respect & concern for patients. Family member visited this hospital due to severe dizziness & fear of stroke. Attending physician was unprofessional & showed unpleasant bedside manner. Tests were done & the supplies were just left in the room without clean up until he was discharged. Other friends & family came in & had to see the supplies just sitting there on the counter & had to be around them which is dangerous. Attending physician was unprofessional regarding questions we had. If you can, make the drive else where. This hospital & their staff is unsanitary & unnecessarily rude. (a month ago)

This is the worst hospital I've ever been to, a termite can run this place better than the staff who work here. They falsify lab values for false documents and false diagnoses, and you definately don't want to come here if you have diabetes because they will tell you youre a horrible diabetic and can't take care of your own disease like they were trying to do to me the other day when I was horribly sick. I've had diabetes for 2 years and have never been in dka and they want to bring in all their glorified specialists who are just as ignorant as the doctors and nurses who work there. My best example is for anyone who has watched the new show The Resident, this hospital is the equivalent of the hospital in the show. This place is a joke and I can't even begin to understand how they're still running this circus. To all the ones who do think this is such a wonderful place, don't go here for even minor ailments because this hospital may just send you home in a body bag instead. (2 months ago)

Took my wife in Wednesday, puking bile and with no energy. They automatically assumed it was due to her Diabetes and treated her for DKA(diabetic ketoacidosis), they didn't have a room so they transferred her to ICU in OKC. They said she was not in DKA. We went home same day, she felt ok but still had nausea and weakness. 3am the next morning we went back to the ER with the same exact issues with severe fatigue and puking bile. We explained the symptoms and told them to look into her puking and stomach issues but they ignored it and treated for DKA again even though her BG was 150. Again, no bed so they transferred to a different hospital in OKC. We arrived and they took blood work, they came back in within 45 minutes and said she was not in DKA and there was no issue with her diabetes. We told them of the puking and stomach issues but the discharged her anyway with nausea medicine. A few hours later the were back in the ardmore ER, they again only wanted to treat for DKA and put her in the ICU in Mercy Ardmore. Her finger prickly testing showed Blood Glucose in 150-180 but every time they ran blood work they said it was 600-935 and that she was now a brittle diabetic and in DKA. They kept her overnight and wanted to keep another while only treating DKA, she finally wanted to go AMA and suddenly her blood work shows low Potassium which she hadn't been treated for. They gave her a potassium drink on an empty stomach. Too much potassium on an empty stomach causes severe vomiting, stomach pain, weakness, nausea, and fatigue. She said she was worried about the level of care she was receiving. They gave her the drink and made sure to tell her she could come back anytime for similar symptoms, ironic. A few hours later, she wasn't able to hold herself up and was puking bile again. So, we went to North Texas Medical in Gainesville, where they diagnosed her with Gastroenteritis, causing too much acid in her stomach and can cause serious issues. We stayed 2 nights in Gainesville and they treated the gastroenteritis, while saying her Diabetes was very well managed and that she was no where near DKA. She's been eating solid food for 2 days with not even nausea and feels like her old self. Long story short, Mercy thinks they know best and run the hospital only to make as much money as possible and do not listen to the symptoms you give and focus on the wrong issue. Go to Mercy if you are willing to put up with dangerous medical practice and don't mind ending up worse than you went in. (2 months ago)

If we could give zero we would. My husband injured himself while driving truck and ended up at this hospital. The er team was quick to recognize that when he injured his chest it caused pneumonia that had gone to sepsis and they immediately began care and the first doctor he had was decent. But then they switched shifts and it was the worst possible experience. The new Dr was hard to understand at best. Refused to even hear about the injury, insisted he couldn't leave because he was "very sick and needed 2 weeks antibiotics" and with him stranded there out of state, we needed heads up. She kept just saying "he very sick, blood infection" Suddenly on the holiday weekend she insisted he would be ready to go home 2 days before his flight. Having been there just over a week.This joke of a place. I called and asked if they were in fact intending to kick someone to their curb who still recovering from sepsis, pneumonia, blood clots, and a muscle tear. Their final answer was they would drive him to a motel. Since he had no money and no local family that wasn't gonna work. Then they agreed to allow an additional day. We ended up yanking him out of there as local clergy cared and we got him a room to stay at till his flight in another day. But THEN, in the middle of the night with no care, he fell sicker again. Found out they changed one of the meds before sending him home and nobody bothered to tell him not to take the three meds they prescribed together. He will need to be going to another hospital today, which we said he wasn't ready and he wasnt. In addition, while the nurses seemed kind, they were so severely understaffed he at one point hit the nurses button for 16 minutes before video calling me out of state and I could see he could not bresthe well. I had to call front desk and have a charge nurse go in. Similar instances on multiple times. He soiled himself because nobody got to him fast enough. He was supposed to get up and walk but it took several hours for anyone to come...and the nurse that day kept saying he has pneumonia because he isn't up and walking. Then when he could walk, he's suddenly well enough to get out. And the dr, was entirely condescending. Instead of explaining what we are doing for his care kept just saying he's very sick. No crud really? Sepsis? You should only go here if you must, otherwise you're better off dead. UPDATE: 4 months later amd reading the medical records is a total joke. We were NOT updated in real time, and the dr couls barely write in english let alone anything professional. We generally can handle hospitals etc but this hospital is truly jusy bad. (2 months ago)

9 months pregnant and went in with contractions. Not only that but I could barely walk due to muscle aches and pains. First of all. The front ER lady was very rude! I was having trouble breathing and she just kept asking "can I help you" like obviously? Just give me a second to breathe. Secondly they misdiagnosed me. They did one test and ruled it off as that. This was last night. Now I'm currently admitted to a hospital because something was severely wrong. The doctor didn't even come and see me or talk to me! I would never go here again. (6 months ago)

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