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Find information about Mercy Health Anderson Hospital, on Cincinnati's east side. You'll learn about the conditions we treat and the healthcare services we offer to ...

Mercy Hospital Anderson is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hamilton County, OH.

Mercy Hospital Anderson does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mercy Hospital Anderson is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I went to Mercy Anderson Hospital in Cincinnati Ohio. The doctors they used were provided by US Acute Care Solutions. I was only seen by the doctor and physician assistant for a couple of minutes each and received a bill of $946.20 and my insurance company paid $922.60 leaving me with a balance due of $23.60. How is this even ethical or legal charging such a high fee? I would urge Mercy Anderson Hospital to stop doing business with US Acute Care Solution's and go with a more ethical company that does not rip off insurance company's and their patients. (a week ago)

A few years back my son who was 8 at the time had been experiencing severe abdominal pain with vomiting and no control of his bowels. He was so sick that he could not walk and my husband had to carry him in. They did blood tests and an x-ray . Said his white blood cell count was up high but not to worry it was a stomach virus and sent him home. That night my son had progressively gotten sicker. He looked like he was at deaths door, so before the sun came up my husband and I took him to Children’s hospital in Cincinnati. They took one look at him, and sent him in for an MRI. Found out very quickly that my sons appendix had ruptured and it wasn’t recent. They performed emergency surgery on him. He was so ate up in infection that he was in the hospital for almost two weeks. His admitting doctor told us if we didn’t come when we did, my son may have not made it. Anderson prides themselves on speedy ER times. They even have a huge bill board informing you of your wait time. I’ve been shocked and appalled that it was at the one minute marker at one time. Not sure if they really care about their patients. Not too keen on their fast food drive through speed goals. It’s kind of awful. (3 weeks ago)

Watch your bills closely. One of our ER visits I am being charged for 2 co-payments because we arrived at 11:19pm and wasn't discharged until early morning the next day. So we are being billed for 2 days. Horrible service at the ER and billing department. I overpaid on several bills in which they refuse to refund. They said they will apply it to any upcoming bills. They offer 20% discount to pay upfront and give you a higher dollar amount than what your insurance says you owe. Good luck getting that back and they don't want to take the 20% off of what you should have owed according to you insurance. (a week ago)

Very fast ER time! The billboard with estimated wait times was accurate and helpful. The whole property is absolutely electrifying, as if Jesus and Moses themselves built it by hand. The services were friendly and compassionate, unbelievable how one person and care so genuinely yet everyone here wants to be here for you and it shows. Incredible options for a multitude of needs! The coffee machines were amazing and at $1 I had 19 coffees in 12 hours. Definitely worth a visit and although I hope to not come back I’ll be happy if I do. (6 months ago)

I would risk dying before I would ever let anyone take me there. They basically held me hostage without help. To top it all off they literally stuffed my legs and feet into a taxicab and wrote the report to say “patient left in good condition.” I needed emergency back surgery! Nice job you bunch of morons! I would not take a sick dying dog there. It is surprising that they are still open. I think the medical review board needs to look into this horrible establishment! I have filed a complaint with your patient relations department! (4 months ago)

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