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Mercy Gilbert Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Maricopa County, AZ.

Mercy Gilbert Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mercy Gilbert Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I gave birth at this facility way back September of 2014, To all of the staff, doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist, custodians, including the employees who supplied my meals and took away the trays, they were all nice. When I called billing after a month or so, they answered all my questions and were very courteous. (in the last week)

Garbage. Absolute garbage. Went in to get the medical records for my hand being broken. Brunette woman at the desk gives me gives me every single record of me ever being in the hospital. Why on earth would she do that when I asked her for a specific document. I had someone with me that I would have rather had no seen the information provided on the first sheet to those records. Would this be considered a HIPPA violation due to poor handling? I will be looking more into this especially since the woman had the audacity to laugh at my frustration with how she went about giving me my documents. (a month ago)

Picture this. A woman suffering from Complex PTSD and Dissociative symptoms is brought in handcuffed, strapped and still experiencing PTSD flashback unable to relate her distress and incapable of finding a safe reality in that moment all alone. Hospital staff kept woman strapped with no council or attempt to understand. Doctor decided leaving a traumatized woman in bondage on a bed was best. They allowed this woman to frantically scream and stay in fear, and humiliate herself without knowing it. I can only imagine what the staff was telling the other patients. I doubt saying anything like, She is traumatized, She is scared, She is confused, She is a survivor of child sexual abuse, She is human and she is worthy of care. No they did not. im sure they mocked her experience and shamed the woman because they are not good people. They were not kind to her. They told a family member she was not welcomed back. Situations do not cause people to behave ignorant and cruel. Ignorant and cruel people behave ignorant and cruel. Insensitive folks are insensitive and abusers abuse. Mercy Gilbert Medical center lacks knowledge and understanding of mental health issues (in my experience) The staff at Mercy Gilbert Medical center is harmful and dangerous to folks diagnosed with mental illness. The doctors and staff re-traumatized me. (in the last week)

My dad had his successful carotid endarterectomy surgery in this hospital after him experiencing a stroke. The medical staff were fast to pinpoint the cause of his stroke from a plaque in his carotid artery. Now he is recovering well. All the doctors, nurses and staff were great! (3 months ago)

Not sure how anyone could give this place less than 5 stars. They are fantastic, nice staff, very attentive, clean and fast. Just finished having surgery today and this place is great. Wish I could remember all the names to thank them individually, but alas drug are clouding my memory. Thanks to all who took care of me today. (4 months ago)

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