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Photo: Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

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Memorial Hospital Sweetwater County is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Sweetwater County, WY.

Memorial Hospital Sweetwater County does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Memorial Hospital Sweetwater County is a government - local hospital.

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This hospital's administration is pathetic! They should all be fired. The receptionist at the OBGYN (older gal) is always crabby and never helpful. They are always behind and you never get into the doctor when your appointment is. They're always late. On one occasion they told my wife that she would need to come back to get a shot and that she wouldn't need an appointment. When she showed up and checked in, the receptionist (same old hag referenced above) said she didn't have an appointment. When my wife explained that she was told she didn't need an appointment, the lady laughed and said, "Well, it's gonna be a while." They send you back and forth to the hospital, do unnecessary tests, do repeat tests, and the results are always really late. They will schedule multiple visits for things that can and should be done in one visit so they can charge you more. This is by far the worst hospital experience we have had. Unfortunately, they are the only provider in the area unless you want to drive to Evanston a couple times a month. The doctors don't seem like they even want to be there. They have extremely high turn over because the administration is so awful. Don't get me wrong, the doctors are competent and have always been good once you actually passed the old hag at the window. But the experience outside of that is terrible. (2 weeks ago)

Horrible experience every time. Had a nurse complain because a sterile bandage had been misapplied over a PIC line. She said she didn't have time to fix it because her shift ended in an hour. When we asked for someone else to do it (hello, direct line for infection into the heart), she started slamming things around and said "fine, I'll do it." She continued to berate is the entire time as demanding, rude, and selfish, and when I asked her name she threw her gloves down and left-with the PIC line wide open. It took 30 mi it's for anyone to show up yo finish the job, and the charge nurse told us she didn't know us do we probably deserved that treatment. Of course there was no follow up by anyone, just a $1000+ bill for that day and a $107,000 bill for the overall treatment. They also refused to let me sign any paperwork to have my records sent to my doctor. After a huge run around on the phone they offered to mail me the release, which o could mail back, then mail me the records so I could send them wherever I wanted. It took 20 minutes on the phone-after a 2 hour ER visit in which they refused to do anything but test for a UTI-again, after multiple demands-to get the results to my doctor. They don't seem to understand my name isn't "hon" or "sweetie" and their only concern is the bill-I'm sure they'll find a way to add additional charges to punish me for wanting a copy of my records. Most nurses, the ER front desk, and a couple doctors there are amazing, but everyone else is absolutely wretched. (3 months ago)

Traveling from Montana back home to Alabama. Wife had bleeding from oral surgery performed before our trip. Five hours on the road and we could not stop the bleeding. Blessed to find Rock Springs Hospital at 11 p.m. The second we walked in the door, we knew all would be fine. From the receptionist to the nurse, Doctor and entire staff, we had a 100% pleasant experience. Nice to find folks like these when we were still 1700 miles from home. Friendly, Prifessiinal and Caring. Thank you all. (5 months ago)

I'm beginning to understand why pregnant patients travel to Evanston for doctors appointments and to deliver their babies. I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant and I am absolutely apaled at the organization of the obgyn office. I am constantly being told different things by doctors, office staff, nurses, etc. My doctors and the nurses have always been very kind and professional. Unfortunately, I can not say the same about the office staff. One of the OB receptionist is rude and condescending every time I speak to her- on the phone or in person. Today, I went in for my Rogahm shot. Last week while at my appointment I was told my bloodwork and shot was not ready so I would have to come back any day once my blood test results came in. I never received a call saying my result were in and when I walked in today and told the office staff that I needed my Rogahm shot I was told I did not have an appointment scheduled. I informed the receptionist that I was told I would be able to just walk in and get my shot without the need of an appointment. The receptionist (the one who sits on the left) rolled her eyes, laughed, and said, "Well, you're going to have to wait a while then." I've come in before and waited to check in, this same receptionist never looked at me, she wasn't on the phone with another patient, she just ignored me. After waiting for several minutes, I left and checked in at the peditritian office instead. As the face of the OBs office I would highly suggest that this woman receive some training on how to treat patients. She needs to learn better ways to communicate with patients and check her attitude at the door. I know that I am not the only patient who has had bad experiences with her. Also, I question the commitment any staff member has in an OBs office who does not understand the significance of a Rogahm shot for an RH- woman and her baby. Staff members should know when a woman needs her Rogahm shot and should not treat an expectant mother like a fool when she follows the directions of her doctor. The office should have the shot ready to go at the woman's 26-28 week check up. She should not have to be the one inisit she receives a life saving shot for her children. Organization and how office staff treats patients needs to be adjusted or all women are going to choose other providers and travel out of the area for care. I don't want anyone to lose their jobs, but a customer service/ patience treatment training and a complete overhaul on the organization would greatly improve this. (2 weeks ago)

Much better!! Seem to be better doctor's and nurses. Was here reasonable amt of time (a month ago)

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