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Memorial Hospital Of South Bend is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in St Joseph County, IN.

Memorial Hospital Of South Bend does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Memorial Hospital Of South Bend is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Don't walk, run or call an ambulance to get to any hospital but this one. Horrible experience, dirty facility, incompetent staff. Arrived 9/28 at 1345, finally left at 2200 9/28. Went in for a head/shoulder injury due to a fall. Most of the day was spent sitting in a dirty waiting room and the few times I talked to the staff I was told nothing and treated like dirt. Dr Cavanaugh put on my discharge paperwork that I was injured in an auto accident even though I told her several times I was injured in a fall. I had to argue with this incompetent bunch to correct the paperwork. FYI I have good insurance that I worked hard for so it wasn't like this was a gratuitous visit. Avoid this hospital at all cost if you can. (9 months ago)

Beacon medical group canced CARESOURCE because the majority of their members earn less than $20,000.00. DISCRIMINATION IN ALL ITS GLORY AGAINST THE POOR!!!!!!! Well guess what my income is greater and I took caresourse for 2018 and now I'M screwed!!! When I go so does the rest of my family and everyone else I can convince what a rotten medical group Beacon has become. Left with no doctor and insurance that is worthless! Abanded, discarded, thrown away like trash is what beacon does to long standing patients. Money more important than people. Since mdwise dropped out of market place and st. joe had no representation in market place ONE BIG DEAL STRUCK amongst all providers struck!!! Not happy with anyone of them. (7 months ago)

I had a mixed visit. I think the staff was the worse part. I got a couple good nurses but the team that delivered my son was rude, uncaring, and cold. Since it wasn't on there time and taking to long they were going to make me have an unnecessary csection. They made many mistakes. Even after my son was born they were in and out of my room all the time without much warning. (11 months ago)

Very disresctful staff..inconsiderate nursing and not sympathetic to the situation at hand...needs better train and more qualification checks.. (7 months ago)

It is a run down, filthy, emergency room with rude staff, disrespectful nurses, and an incompetent doctor. I spent eight hours at Memorial emergency room last night. I have never seen anything like this place. The bathroom was filthy. Trash on the floor; sinks disgusting with grime and dirt; soap dispensers empty and laying open.... The room where they took my blood was maybe worse than the bathroom. Dirty shelves with junk all over. Floors filthy. It smelled like stale vomit and blood. In the six hours waiting to get a room, I asked two questions to the staff and was pointed at and yelled at. I told the admitting nurse that I fell and hit my head on a 4X6 piece of wood and hit my head, jaw, knee, arm .... I told her I wanted a second opinion on my cat scan. I needed their radiologist to read it and write a report. When I got to the room, I told Dr. Kavanagh the same thing and I told her I needed an evaluation of my injuries. After hours in the room, the nurse gave me my release papers. They stated that I hurt my arm and neck in a car accident. Really??? A car accident? I fell and hit my head. When I corrected them, they turned on me. When I said I wasn't leaving until it was corrected, Dr. Kavanagh changed it to a fall. But, they refused to add head injury on the release form. I had to verbally fight with them about this for at least a half hour because Hannah, the nurse, said she would not change it. Hannah mocked me, laughed at me, threw the release paper at me, degraded me, all because Dr. Kavanagh made a mistake and I insisted it be changed. Then Dr. Kavanagh told me that doctors don't give second opinions on cat scans. Dr. Kavanagh said radiologists only give reports right after the cat scan was taken. Never do they read a cat scan for a second opinion. Really???? I have been a patient of Mayo Clinic for close to twenty years, and they do it for me. Their radiologists at Mayo do it for millions of people every year. These people are incompetent. Run out of this place. Run as fast as you can. You know what they say: what do they call a doctor who graduates last in medical school? A doctor. (9 months ago)

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