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Memorial Hospital Of Carbondale is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Jackson County, IL.

Memorial Hospital Of Carbondale does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Memorial Hospital Of Carbondale is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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They are doing a much better job these days. But still only three stars because of lots of little things. I spent 12 hours here waiting for my wife's surgery and recovery and noticed how much effort was put into the surgical Wing revamp and absolute nothing for the surgical waiting room that has the most uncomfortable chairs and benches that I spent much of my time in the waiting room for surgical check in upstairs. But luckily I'm not like most sheep and know I can wait where I want but most people have to wait hours in that very uncomfortable room. (2 months ago)

This hospital has been in my life for the past 17 years. I have given birth there twice, the first time as an emergency C-section, and the second time as a VBAC. I spent 5 days in there recovering from the first birth, and 2 days for the second (after 42 hours of labor!). The nurses in the OB-GYN area were kind, gentle (except one!), and accepting. They helped me learn to feed my first baby. They did not feed him when we had trouble getting him to latch until I finally agreed to put sugar water on myself. They were so patient with me. In the recovery room after the C-Section, the nurse kept changing my blankets with heated ones because I could not stop shaking. She was also kind, patient, and soothing. My mother died in this hospital. She came through the ER from a skilled care facility. The ER doctor was compassionate, kind, knowledgeable, and honest. He helped us call Hospice. She stayed in the hospital for 6 days until she died. The nurses were kind to her and to the family. It was a painful time. I had chest pains a few years ago and went to the ER. I was instantly grabbed, strapped to an heart monitor, seen by the attending and after a few hours and more tests, admitted to over night for observation. I spent two nights. Doctors and nurses answered my questions. Food was actually very good! The only thing I did not care for was my room mate, but that's hardly the hospital's fault! (a month ago)

I gave it 1 star because that's the lowest rating I can give. I will never go or take anyone back to this hospital again. My 11 year old son was having panic attacks because he felt like something was lodged in his throat. I took him to Carbondale because I thought it was a better hospital needless to say we got the worst doctor there. Literally had my son say awe looked in his mouth and said well it's probably a scratch and then I asked are you sure well he didn't like that said I could have just walked out without telling you anything. Rude ass doctors and probably kill people regularly . I left took him to his primary physician and his tonsils. Google is a better doctor then that lazy jackass. If you love your family don't take them here. Be a hero keep driving. (4 months ago)

I use to trust memorial hospital they use to be the best hospital around to go to.These days they are just as awful as heartland regional in Marion.They are just a band-aid hospital these days.If you want to be cared for and live go to herrin.Herrin has become the best hospital around here.They just don't care if you live or die here anymore (a week ago)

Went here three times during undergrad. Horrific, embarrassment, rude. Memorial is in the name for a reason. Criminal levels of malpractice. Record these harassments people PLEASE help save lives in this community. FIX THIS MONSTER. Many on here say the truth- rude AF Unless little Jonny needs stitches-go elsewhere-p.s. compassionate small animal Dr. Nearby. Pros- local service for a rural area. You can get a prescription, probably not what u need. Cons- the staff and adminstration. I could fill this section with story time. Just know, people die here and are treated as if that is the hospitals mission statement. From the top down. (a month ago)

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