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Founded in 1928, Nacogdoches Memorial offers a wealth of medical services including 24-hour emergency care and advanced medical treatment.

Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Nacogdoches County, TX.

Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Memorial Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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MEDICARE patients beware! Memorial Hospital ER doctors and memorial doctors assure medicare patients do not get the 3 midnights Medicare requires in order to cover Medicare Part A services required at rehab/nursing home facilities. They booted him out hours before he would qualify. What this meant to my father and mother is about $6,000 per month for rehab. He would had 100 days paid. This caused his medicare supplement insurance policy not to pay as well. Essentially, this is going to bankrupt my parents and cost the taxpayers when he has to go on medicaid, which doesn’t cover much. Go to another ER. Thanks for nothing ER doctor and memorial doctor - BTW you missed an infection. (a week ago)

My Aunt came into the ER @ 7:30p. First off there is no privacy as far as what someone is being seen for. Being in the medical field as long as I have, that is a violation of the HIPPA law. From Vital signs being taken, as well as personal information is being discussed in the ER in front of other people as well as with other co-workers. Now if I myself and others around can hear the conversation that you are having about a patient with a coworker, I can imagine what you are saying about me. That’s uncomfortable, and humiliating. Imagine if that was you or your would you feel??? By the time 10:00p came around, my Aunt was still sitting in the ER. I used my cellphone to call the ER from the ER waiting room. I was told that the wait time was 6hrs at the time but had decreased to 5-4hr wait. I then went to the admission desk and asked at that point the RN....she knows who she is was extremely rude, like I was bothering her or getting on her nerves. My Aunt ended up going back to a room @ 3:00a.m. Thing is that the same rude RN I asked if she could push my Aunt while I hold her legs up because she was unable to do so herself. Her comment was well Ms. H you have been sitting all night cutting up you need to scoot yourself back in the chair so we can move you. The information that was put in the system for her reason of visiting was incorrect as well as vitals were not charted. I am very disappointed with the care that my Aunt received at this facility as far as the ER. No matter who you are everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and their right to privacy and my Aunt as well as others did not receive that. I understand the frustration of being in the medical field, but please leave your personal feelings or problems at home and not in the work place. That old saying be careful and cautious about how you treat people, because you reap what you very true. Though it was not the entire ER staff one bad apple can make the whole batch look bad. Maybe this review will help the staff to make better decisions, when it comes to interacting with people. (a month ago)

So first off to say I am disappointed in the hospital. I was not impressed my husband was there for his back my two year old infant and myself. We were waiting in the room. The first two nurses were wonderful. Well mannered. They took my husband to where he was doing his procedure then my two year old and infant waited. I was nursing my infant and trying to keep my two year old occupied. I had to stop because people were coming and going. She’s a daddy’s girl. She wanted her daddy. So if u have never had a child u would never understand. Obviously this women didn’t.. I told my two year old please come back here daddy will be back in a minute she did that twice and jumped up and down screaming. I picked her up she’d stop. This women says (she’s not in the room mam you need to walk it off leave) first off I can’t just leave my infant in a room and sec I don’t know where I am at I am my husbands ride. He’s waiting for me. So she screams again this time the women comes in she’s wearing all red rude as she can be. Realizes oh you have an infant too. You need to leave. Let me tell you one I will gladly leave don’t try to touch my children or act like they are awful and that you have been doing this for years that’s the least of my worries. I’m tying to stable my toddler and nurse an infant .Your not my child’s mother nor will you tell me what to do. I no what’s best. There’s a way to say things to people and trust me I was nice. So needless to say when we left she didn’t once show us where to go I found it on my own wondering the place and I’m carrying everything. My husband comes back he has no idea where his wife or children are at and she storms in your wife is rude. She never asked him how his procedure went interrupted the nurse making his appointment explaining to him what’s going on. The nurse in all red was more concerned about me the wife. My husband is more concerned where his children are and wife and if we are okay. She won’t stop talking and all he said was thank you more than 4 times she still continues harassing my husband. She states to my husband she loves children though and talks about 4 year olds that come in and how well behaved. A toddler is no comparison to a 4 year old. You need to do your job take care of my husband and not worry about how old my children are. You could of properly handled the situation differently there was no need. It was like she was probing me and then my husband to get a rouse out of us. Must of not been her day. I called and reported her several times. This is unprofessional when u make a toddler uncomfortable waiting for her daddy and my husband un easy about what on earth is going on when he just had a procedure. (2 weeks ago)

Horrible. The old St.Elizabeths should have stayed instead of this place. 5 hour E.R. wait. The E.R. setup is terrible for privacy. The E.R. doctor was in and out in 3 minutes and didnt even want to listen to what I had to say. He predetermined my issue by reading the nurses notes. Drive to Ofallon and go to the new St.Elizabeths. You will be happy you did. (a week ago)

Greeter was extremely nice and apologetic. No problems there. My problem is with the lab. Waited in the ED for 5 hours for a Strep culture that takes 4 minutes to come back. Supervisor that I spoke to Sarah says they "actually take an hour". Either way, when we left, the swab had not been ran and was still in the lab just sitting. 5 HOURS!!! We should have been in and out. This wasn't a hard case. Got to spent 50% of my Christmas waiting for nothing. I work for BJC. I know they wouldn't like this. (4 months ago)

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