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520 WEST I ST, LOS BANOS, CA 93635
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Memorial Hospital Los Banos is a not-for-profit community hospital providing health care services to Merced County, located in Los Banos

Memorial Hospital Los Banos is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Merced County, CA.

Memorial Hospital Los Banos does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Memorial Hospital Los Banos is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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It clean that's about it !! No real help came in with pain and throwing up and kept me waiting long only to stick me in a room with no real help hooked me up to a iv and left me there with no info top it off I'm pregnant about to have a baby but you think to check if I was in labor nope took my blood and pee but haven't told me anything of any results..I won't be having my baby here for sure i will have to make the drive else where ...nurses are nice some helpful other just walk around talking about there personal life..this place sucks !! if you guys are really hurt don't come here or in pain if you need a quick view and meds this the place they will give you a play skol check up and send you off jokes (in the last week)

One of the worst hospitals to possibly ever go to, don’t waist time here and go out of town for a real hospital. These guys will hack into your phone and also the nurses are so rude you can literally hear them gossiping about the patients. The security guard are not too friendly. Not to mention the countless hours they make you wait at the lobby while your in pain and when you walk inside to use the restroom, you can clearly see the doctors laughing and talking about their plans for the weekend along with the nurses. They better their stuff straight together. Oh by the way, they also discriminate because of your a medical insurance patient. (a month ago)

This place really sucks ass!!! They dont know how to take care of there patient. Best believe you come here you wanting to die or be stuck for 8 hours. Hospitals are mentioned to save life's not have them wait like it's a doctor's office. Don't even deserve a star!!!!! (a month ago)

If you have a heart attack having sensations of blacking out dont worry the doctors and nurses here are tremendous they will give you some cough medicine. Go to a dentist for health related issues before coming here you'll get more help (a month ago)

Do not expect any real care from this hospital. Sadly most the staff is very rude and unprofessional. I've overheard receptionist's gossiping about the patients. Also they misdiagnose people extremely often. Probably because most the time you're not even seeing a real doctor. I have also seen them countless times discriminate against people who have medical. My point is you're better off taking a trip out of town. Avoid this place!! (4 months ago)

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