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Memorial Hospital Belleville is setting new standards when it comes to high-quality healthcare.

Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Saint Clair County, IL.

Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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In addition to not being able to provide services on an urgent basis (first available appointment was 5 days after the initial call), we used the ultrasound facility because we have BJC Healthcare's insurance, which reduces the cost for us greatly. Apparently though, the cost benefit may be outweighed by the poor service provided. The facility was told precisely and clearly to send the result of my ultrasound to my primary care physician (which should always be the procedure automatically anyway, but since the initial order was from an urgent care facility, I made sure to clarify the point), and that it was needed urgently (due to severe symptoms and extremely abnormal test results). Now, almost 8 days later, my primary care physician still has received no results. If you have urgent needs for high quality care without the ball being dropped and causing significant, health-threatening delays, this is not the right facility for you. I pray that this poor review will motivate avoidance of this provider, ultimately resulting in improvement for potential future patients if they are able to make corrections in time. (a month ago)

This hospital is a hit and miss. There are sometimes where the staff is friendly and very helpful, but there are other times we have left extremely dissatisfied and disappointed at the lack of compassion in the staff. Because of this dissappointment, we will be visiting a different hospital in the future. (a week ago)

MEDICARE patients beware! Memorial Hospital ER doctors and memorial doctors assure medicare patients do not get the 3 midnights Medicare requires in order to cover Medicare Part A services required at rehab/nursing home facilities. They booted him out hours before he would qualify. What this meant to my father and mother is about $6,000 per month for rehab. He would had 100 days paid. This caused his medicare supplement insurance policy not to pay as well. Essentially, this is going to bankrupt my parents and cost the taxpayers when he has to go on medicaid, which doesn’t cover much. Go to another ER. Thanks for nothing ER doctor and memorial doctor - BTW you missed an infection. (2 months ago)

The intake was expedient. The care and concern exhibited by the staff was genuine. It is the best hospital I've ever been in. (a month ago)

My Aunt came into the ER @ 7:30p. First off there is no privacy as far as what someone is being seen for. Being in the medical field as long as I have, that is a violation of the HIPPA law. From Vital signs being taken, as well as personal information is being discussed in the ER in front of other people as well as with other co-workers. Now if I myself and others around can hear the conversation that you are having about a patient with a coworker, I can imagine what you are saying about me. That’s uncomfortable, and humiliating. Imagine if that was you or your would you feel??? By the time 10:00p came around, my Aunt was still sitting in the ER. I used my cellphone to call the ER from the ER waiting room. I was told that the wait time was 6hrs at the time but had decreased to 5-4hr wait. I then went to the admission desk and asked at that point the RN....she knows who she is was extremely rude, like I was bothering her or getting on her nerves. My Aunt ended up going back to a room @ 3:00a.m. Thing is that the same rude RN I asked if she could push my Aunt while I hold her legs up because she was unable to do so herself. Her comment was well Ms. H you have been sitting all night cutting up you need to scoot yourself back in the chair so we can move you. The information that was put in the system for her reason of visiting was incorrect as well as vitals were not charted. I am very disappointed with the care that my Aunt received at this facility as far as the ER. No matter who you are everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and their right to privacy and my Aunt as well as others did not receive that. I understand the frustration of being in the medical field, but please leave your personal feelings or problems at home and not in the work place. That old saying be careful and cautious about how you treat people, because you reap what you very true. Though it was not the entire ER staff one bad apple can make the whole batch look bad. Maybe this review will help the staff to make better decisions, when it comes to interacting with people. (3 months ago)

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