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4500 13TH ST-P O BOX 1810, GULFPORT, MS 39502
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4500 13TH ST-P O BOX 1810

Memorial Hospital At Gulfport is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Harrison County, MS.

Memorial Hospital At Gulfport does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Memorial Hospital At Gulfport is a government - local hospital.

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Gulfport Memorial Hospital is the reason my Mother is in the situation she's in now. My Mom had a stroke back in January, and the ambulance at Ocean Springs Hospital eventually transferred her to Gulfport Memorial Hospital. Someone at Memorial apparently didn't do his/her job by immediately notifying the doctor after she was transferred. Instead, they waited 4 days after she was transferred to notify the doctor about my mom's condition. Because of this, the damage has already been done to my mom. The doctor was really upset when he found out at the last minute, and rightfully so. He said he would have been able to treat mother and prevent the damage from happening if someone had notified him sooner. Not to mention: today, Mother was supposed to meet with the neurologist this afternoon. We were stuck in traffic on the way there, & they KNEW that. We called them to let them know that we were going to be a little bit late, because of the traffic. At first, they said, "Okay. That's fine! We'll see you shortly." However, when we FINALLY made it into the office, they said, "Sorry. You were too late getting here. We'll have to reschedule." They KNEW my mother is in a wheelchair, and that it was difficult enough getting her to the hospital. Apparently, they just didn't care. That is the LAST TIME I will let this hospital screw with my mom the way they did. I wish my mom stayed at Ocean Springs Hospital right after she had her stroke. At least they would have given her better patient care than they did at Memorial. Once Gulfport Memorial Hospital starts doing their job and giving a care about their patients, instead of playing the blame game and making up every excuse in the book for their own actions, then MAYBE my opinion about them will change. Until then, this is my review for ONE SORRY HOSPITAL: Gulfport Memorial. (a week ago)

It deserves less than that! I went there with my newborn who's legs were turning blue they didn't run any test on her heart or lungs or anything they just checked her circulation in her legs and told me she was fine. Took her to another doctors found out she has 3 holes in her heart! (a week ago)

ER dept...sucked!!! Came in ambulance..excellent care..big private room. Walk to registration desk..trying to give clerk my info....her cousin or something came up talking all ghetto her..disturbibg my registration..asked her can she let her finish my registration..she says..well she can work and talk. Im a heart patient therr for my bp. They did text..gave me iv in 1 hr iwas in an out an never saw a doctor or anyone to tell me results if ny test. A totally wasted visit. Nurse came back and said.. Doctor said you can go. Im thinking what dictor.. I never saw a doctor... (a month ago)

I am sitting here now. Been here over a hour and they taken 2 people back before me that was here way after me. These people suck. If you can go some where else do it (3 weeks ago)

They have blood from god knows how many previous patients on the electrical cables they hooked up to me. Biohazard! AIDS? Hep? Showed the nurse and she said she didn’t know what the blood was from and just moved on. Do not go to room CP17 they have blood on the equipment and the floors are filthy bacteria everywhere!!! (3 months ago)

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