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23900 KATY FREEWAY, KATY, TX 77494
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KATY, TX 77494

Learn about Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital in Katy, Texas

Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Harris County, TX.

Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I had the best experience i could; Doctor ibe, nurse erin were fast, precise on point. Keep the great work, you guys make a difference in peoples life. (2 weeks ago)

I would give 0 stars if I could but 1 is the lowest I could do. Hopefully this rating will help future expecting parents when they are considering this hospital for the birth of their child. We registered for the delivery of our first born at this hospital. No complaints as far as the professionalism of the doctors and nurses were concerned during the delivery and labor process. The doctors were competant and the surgical staff was helpful. It is the aftercare that has compelled us to write this review. First of all, during our 3 days that we were there, the room was cleaned a total of 0 times. The nursing staff seemed bothered everytime my wife called. My wife had a c-section and was not able to move very much. The first night my wife called the bursing station as she needed help with picking up the baby and nursing, the nurse came to the room and saw me sleeping and asked my wife why she did not wake me up and that they are busy and to wake the father up before calling the station. (Pathetic) The second day while I had guests visiting, the baby’s diaper needed to be changed. When the nursing station was called, the nurse asked where is the father of the baby and why he couldnt change the diaper. When explained that I was not present the nurse then asked “who will change the diaper when you guys will go home?” How pathetic is that? Obviously my wife was not able to move and I was not present and this was an embarrassing situation infront of the visitors. Long story short, the visitors changed the dirty diapers and the nursing staff never bothered to come. On the day of discharge, it being a saturday, we asked for some additional formula until we go home and were told that the hospital is not liable to provide any formula. On top of that my wife was not given her pain medicine as it was almost due at the time we were leaving. I had to travel 30 minutes to find a 24 hour pharmacy to find the medicine. Overall this was a painful experience and it was supposed to be a pleasant one. My brother and his wife who are registered to have their first born at this hospital are considering cancelling it and moving to methodist. I hoped to write a very positive review as it was suppose to be a very memorable experience for me. But this experience was horrible. (a week ago)

Had a good experience here when my Mom was admitted for the flu. The hospital itself is clean and designed well inside and out. Staff were helpful and the nurses assigned to my Mom were very patient with her. She was the for three days and had no complaints. (3 months ago)

Fraudulent, extortionist, unethical are the three most accurate terms to describe Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital. If you think that because you are going to an “in network” hospital for a medical procedure that is covered under your health insurance that your financial exposure is limited to your deductible and out of pocket maximum, think again. Because Memorial Hermann employs a tactic of contracting out medical services at their discretion, without your knowledge or permission, there is no control over the contractors being in or out of your network, if Memorial Hermann uses a contractor that is not in your network, they are free to bill for their service at any rate they want (not the negotiated rate) and your insurance provider is under no obligation to pay for this. In my opinion, this practice is highly unethical and you should avoid this Hospital and potentially save yourself $1000’s in 3rd party bills. UPDATE: I have called the Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital to address this issue and after being put on hold and talking to several different personnel the final conclusion that I was given was that the out of network provider is a “third party” and therefore there is “nothing” the Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital can do. They recommended that I contact my insurance provider and/or the third party surgical assistant directly, I have done both. With some further research on this type of predatory practice I was able to discover that this practice of using out of network providers in an in network hospital is illegal in at least 19 States. If you are going to the Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital, I would suggest that you ask them for something in writing that obligates the hospital to explicitly notify you in writing when a 3rd party out of network provider will be used with upfront cost estimates. At this point you can watch them scramble to justify a reason that they cannot do this, and then I would take my business to a hospital that does not leave me with unlimited financial exposure. (a month ago)

Went in with excruciating pain and despite being asked by 4 different people what my pain level was, they did nothing. It was obvious they did not care and had little time for me. When I asked to speak with the charge nurse(Karen), she was dismissive, aggressive and did not allow me to verbalize my concerns without interruption. She never apologized or acknowledged how I felt and was very defensive. In my 17 years as a nurse I have never experienced or witnessed such unprofessionalism. Extremely disappointed. (2 months ago)

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