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MedStar Union Memorial Hospital is a leading hospital that has been caring for community members for more than 160 years. Find a physician or service today.

Medstar Union Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Baltimore City County, MD.

Medstar Union Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Medstar Union Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I wish I could give it no stars. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and they sent her home to be "comfortable" basically wiped their hands clean with no further advice. Coming from a family that has never had a single person diagnosed with cancer you can only imagine the questions and concerns we all have felt to be left in the dark and told basically there is nothing they can do. The week she spent in there the hospital didnt feed her or give her anything to drink for 3 days until staff realized the family started bringing her food and drinks in to keep in her room. The floors have trash. The bathrooms are disgusting. I recommend going ANYWHERE but union memorial. Unless its just a common cold. They are not equipped to save anyone. Save your family the heart ache. (3 weeks ago)

Took my wife there today for an out-patient surgical procedure. From the minute we walked into the hospital to the time we departed, the entire hospital staff was very pleasant and professional. They took great care of my wife. Even maintenance and housekeeping staff were friendly and pleasant. When I had to stop to look for signs to get to different parts of the hospital, an employee would great me and ask if I needed assistance. I am convinced that this hospital is very well managed and that the employees must love their jobs. Thanks to everyone (5 months ago)

A friend of mine had a really bad experience. Her husband was ordered by his doctor to have therapy for his elbow. The office charged an outrageous fee for a 30 minutes visit. Close to $240 for a " Meet & Greet" and another $240 for a consultation as well as close $120 for a wimpy massage. Are you kidding me? $ 240 for a Meet & Greet. They should serve champagne at this cost. No wonder the healthcare system is a disaster. (2 months ago)

Horrible!! Horrible!! Hospital!! Dirty!! Nasty!! Can't diagnose anyone , pretty much give you a iv & send you home. Be aware!!! Union memorial 33rd st also harbor hospital. (2 months ago)

They say "Never allow one bad apple to spoil the bunch" so I will give my experience 3 stars. Friday May 11, 2018 was my second time coming to Union Memorial ER. My first time was very pleasant with no problems. Triage was very fast and the nurses and doctors were very helpful. They ran test they were excellent. This second go round was one for the book. Triage again was superb. Very attentive gave me an EKG immediately. When I got to the back the nurse came in without even saying hello and said " We are not giving you an I.V., No X-ray, No Blood Work because your vitals are fine. The doctor will be in soon. How can you prediagnose me without even consulting me of my symptoms. The doctor came in 2 hours later and said "Your vitals are fine" which they weren't my blood pressure was elevated and I don't have the knowledge to read an EKG so only God knows what that read. Then she said well we're not going to do any test or run blood work check in with your primary care and I hope you feel better. Howwwwwwwwww do you allow a person in pain sit in the ER for 2 hours just to send them back the same way they came in. I feel like I was sterotyped because on my discharge papers she put "Obesity ,chest wall pain and high blood pressure" My main concern was the constant pain on my left side. She didn't put that on there not did she try to regulate my pressure. So because I'm big boned I can't receive treatment. But when it's time to submit the bill to my insurance company she is going to be compensated for a job that she didn't do. She was adamant about not servicing me. The triage nurse was more helpful than she was. Nobody is perfect but when people's lives are at stake there is no room for error. Stereotyping a patient in the ER is not cool. I can't say I will recommend a friend like I use to because I don't want them to be in desperate need and can't receive the proper treatment. I'm glad I didn't die in my sleep when I was sent home without any answers or help. Dr. Hania Habeeb needs to go and take a class on humanity and how to serve the people properly. Triage is amazing. It's a hit and miss when it comes down the doctors and PA's in the back. (a week ago)

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