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Same as the national average

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DALLAS, TX 75230

Medical City Dallas Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Dallas County, TX.

Medical City Dallas Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Medical City Dallas Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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First, Medical City has the BEST doctors (the cream of the crop)....that's my personal opinion. Second, this hospital is top notch...I won't go to any other hospital. Third, they are directly connected with Green Oaks Psychiatric Hospital and I go to their Integrated Outpatient Clinic at Medical City where I receive beyond wonderful care. I think, as a former hospital patient, that their food is awesome. The staff is kind, compassionate and the nurses and doctors are at the top of their game. And their is a Starbucks in the lobby along with good places to eat, a place for children to play, parents to rest, and a cool store that sells many wonderful items, including clothing, jewelry, kids toys, Hallmark cards, etc. What more can I say? (2 weeks ago)

This hospital is the closest hospital to my home. Every time I have been here, either in the ER or to a doctors appointment, the visits are always very pleasant. They are very courteous and prompt. They are always very thorough. I had my 3rd daughter here back in December 2017 while the construction was still going on. The NURSES were INCREDIBLE. This was by far the best birthing experience I had. The care was genuine and the service was immaculate. They listened to my birthing plan. I didn't feel forced or pressured to make any decisions. I plan to have one more child in a few years and when I do, it will be at Medical City Dallas. I do believe that the care is of very high quality and they should continue to hire the best of the best in the medical world!!! (2 weeks ago)

I had my first baby here and the doctors and nurses where really nice to me. They took good care of me and my baby. I liked that I had my own room and on my last night the nurses took care of my baby so I could sleep all night (my choice) and they also served great food. I highly recommend. (a week ago)

Ass hospital, don't come even if you're dying.. God will take better care of you... tbh the overly crowded parking tower outside could take better care of you. The woman who drew blood (after 5+ hours in extreme pain in the lobby and being passed from room to room because of lack of beds and painters) kept DROPPING MY VIALS OF BLOOD . Like ummmmm... ma'am. . You're spilling it. Hour 6 now and I still haven't been seen. Families of 7 come in and take all seating when only one person is being seen. Ridiculous honestly. Most nurses are rude and doctors are overworked. Lobby is overrun by monkey kids sneezing, screaming, and touching everything with their get my nasty hands and snotty faces as the parents say nothing. Just take your chances and drive farther for a better hospital. Your health will thank you (in the last week)

Some of the staff and doctors are really nice but then you have some that are rude. This is our first experience here and didn't go as we would like. If you don't do what they want then its over from there. (2 weeks ago)

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