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3901 W 15TH ST, PLANO, TX 75075
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3901 W 15TH ST
PLANO, TX 75075

Medical Center Of Plano is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Collin County, TX.

Medical Center Of Plano does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Medical Center Of Plano is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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SURGICAL ONCOLOGY: In brief, I do not recommend this facility for oncology services unless it's your only option. However, I understand that I’d need to experience the same situation in every other hospital in the area to share a better-informed opinion. I DO recommend the surgical oncologist, Dr. Todd Odum. My father-in-law was admitted into the surgical/oncology department eight days ago for surgery to eradicate colon cancer and post-op care. These are the details of our experience: 1. The facility itself is nice and the rooms are big with floor to ceiling windows. 2. We were able to stay all day and night. The staff provided clean linens as often as we needed them. 3. The secretary, two of six nurses, and two of the many technicians were responsive, professional, and met an appropriate level of situational and emotional intelligence for care professionals. 4. Wait times for care following calls to the nurses’ station varied significantly from 5-30 minutes, and was not dependent upon staff on duty nor time of day. My husband had to physically find the nurse three times. One of those times, we made two calls to the nurses’ station for urgency because my dad's catheter was malfunctioning, he was sitting in his own urine, and he was in a great deal of pain. Note: I understand there are other patients that need attention. All of this ought to be accounted for in coordination-of-care. 5. One nurse laughed at my dad when he was attempting to urinate following surgery and couldn't hold the urinal on his own. 6. The day after surgery, too exhausted and medicated to advocate for himself, my dad waited in the hallway for imaging, freezing for 30 minutes before anyone offered him a blanket, then he waited another 15 minutes to receive the blanket. Note: Due to exhaustion and medication, there may be time distortion involved. I was not present in the hallway. 7. Yesterday, my dad was able to start eating solid foods with a fiber-restriction. Dinner was prepared without any regard for his limitations (a full salad was included as half of his meal). 8. “Coordination” of the care team led to multiple visits per hour, around the clock. Staff consistently entered the room at a decibel much louder than a normal talking voice. Note: I am aware that this is “normal” for hospital care. On day four, I talked to the nurse on duty and we were able to coordinate his hourly checks so he could sleep for an entire hour at a time or more. He felt a LOT better and started to heal faster after this change. (2 weeks ago)

Stellar service. I was there overnight for surgery and no hospital stay elsewhere compares to the amazing treatment. And I have stayed overnight at least 8 times in various hospitals across the country. 1. Fast check in. The concierge concept is great. I was helped and preregistered in under 30 minutes. Day of surgery, all they did was stick a wrist band on... done. 2. Best nurses ever. Above and beyond them doing everything in their power to make me comfortable. 3. Great hospital food with healthy choices and...real silverware. Little things like this make a difference when you are uncomfortable and vulnerable. 4. Excellent surgeon who treats you like a person. Dr. Means was amazing. She takes time to be sure you know what to expect and doesn’t rush this process. I have really high standards and don’t write reviews unless they are well earned. I drive from Irving to Plano to get this kind of service and it was the best decision ever. Thank you Nurse Amy and Dr.Means. Five stars. (3 weeks ago)

All of the staff on the late night shift that day were so sweet. Other members who did not have the responsibility of attending to us did so without hesitation. Even the security officer went out of his way to make a glove ballon for my little one and another male nurse convinced my son to take his medication by offering a popsickle. I was hesitant to come here because of the reviews, but i am glad we did. (2 weeks ago)

Is leaving patients soaked in their own urine and vomit for over 6 hours happening here? You betcha! It happened to me here. I asked for the head nurse or someone in authority and was not taken seriously! Folks don't leave your family members alone in a hospital even if it is far away! (2 months ago)

Extremely good service I went via ambulance and I was treated like a VIP for two days. The entire staff did a wonderful job to make me feel comfortable they were all very friendly I will definitely use this Hospital again outstanding job (a month ago)

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