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BYRON, GA 31008

Medical Center Of Peach County, Navicent Health is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Peach County, GA.

Medical Center Of Peach County, Navicent Health does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Medical Center Of Peach County, Navicent Health is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I went here because Houston County Hospital's ER is horrendous and my daughter has been to this one with good results. Wish I'd gone to Houston County ER instead. I didn't have to wait long, maybe 30 minutes to go back but once i was back there, it was the worst experience I've ever had at a hospital. I went in to find out what is wrong with 2 of my fingers that makes them curl in towards my palm, i had not been able to move those 2 fingers for over a week. I sat there for several hours waiting after having an x-ray done to find out what it was and to hopefully get the Dr to open my fingers, only to leave just exactly how i was when i got there several hours sooner. When i asked for something for the excruciating pain, i got nothing before i left and nothing to take once i was home and my fingers are just like it was. The Dr and nurses were so rude and they act like everyone that comes in there are drug seeking, some people are actually in pain and need treatment. I don't know of anyone that goes to an ER and stays for hours and hours just to go hang out there, they go because they are in pain or sick and needing to be treated by a physician. I wish they themselves would be treated the way i was treated, maybe that would make them realize not everyone is drug seeking and they should treat everyone with respect. It's bad enough to have to go to an ER without adding insult to injury by being teated like a junkie. (a month ago)

Rushed my husband to the ER last week and they took incredible care of him (and me.) Due to the flu, the hospital was full so we had to wait a few hours in the ER for an open room. Though, once he was admitted to inpatient, the care was just as good. The nurses were wonderful, as were the doctors! (3 months ago)

Had an excellent experience, given the circumstance of being in the Emergency Department. Doctors were great as they listened to my concerns and discussed everything as well as diagnosis I was very pleased... That's why its An EMERGENCY ROOM , and one of the best I have had given the unpleasant circumstance to be in at the given time... Thanks (4 months ago)

Fairly quick when I had an emergency room visit. The processed our information wrong and then sent us to a clinic that was out of network, even though they told us it was in our network. This began a dispute with the insurance company that was a nightmare. (4 months ago)

My experience has been horrible we got here at 11:30 and its 3:30am now. I had to ask Dr. Ubani for my flu test results. Two people walked out while I was in the waiting room, one of which was a baby that was having a hard time breathing and couldn't even been seen fast enough. I would not recommend this place. And not to mention Dr. Ubani was rude and didn't seem to care about my symptoms. (3 months ago)

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