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Medical Center Of Lewisville is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Denton County, TX.

Medical Center Of Lewisville does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Medical Center Of Lewisville is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I recently had surgery here! The team of Dr.s and nurses were absolutely amazing! Nurse Frances, Dr. Metzger, Nurse Shirley, Dr. Zane and Nurse Chris. Made sure I was comfortable. Their bedside manner, compassion, and understanding of how I felt during that time was amazing. I have never had such a wonderful experience in a hospital. Thank you again for all that you did for me. Jamie Williams (3 weeks ago)

I went to the ER with extreme pain and swelling in my left leg. The ER doctor and staff immediately went to work diagnosing the issue. It turned out to be a sizable blood clot! They got me into a room and worked on pain management right away. The nurses and doctor who cared for me were professional, knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. They gave me daily goals as far as mobility, and also let me know what I could expect with the medications prescribed, and how long of a recovery I was looking at. The cafe staff are also great people, very friendly, and are good cooks to boot. It was as good of a stay as one can hope for, when you can barely walk due to your leg having blown up like a balloon! I would recommend them, in the event that someone needed a good hospital nearby. (3 weeks ago)

I've never spent the night in a hospital before but I was in labor so I had to. I just had my first child and didn't know what to expect but from the moment I stepped into the building, everything went wonderful. The staff was amazing and made me feel completely taken care of and comfortable. Nurse Bobby was my favorite! She was phenomenal, especially when things started getting difficult. I didn't feel pressured or worried about anything at all. I don't know about any other departments of the hospital, but I would highly recommend this one for labor and delivery. (a month ago)

All Medical City brand Hospitals are Horrible and this one is no exception. I went there with a medication induced eye problem that the medicines website states could occur in extremely rare cases. Everyone was very condescending except the RN and no one listened to me. Got discharge with some generic eye irritation issue, was never explained what I was signing on my discharge papers and then booted out. Next morning i have layers of tissue slipping off and growths that weren't there yesterday. Most doctors I have had always err on the side of caution and make sure that the worst case isn't happening or treat it as worst case; Medical City has always done the bare minimum and got me out the door as fast as possible. They always max out my insurance and then still send me a bill and can never explain why they charged me more than the max allowed that they agreed to charge my Health Insurance in their contract with them. No one in billing could ever explain it, the last time I called billing the reps told me they didn't know why I had that balance and would try and get it fixed since I was told several times that my insurance would cover 100% of my charges. All Medical City brand Hospitals are an insurance racket where they max out your insurance benefits then add ghost charges to your bill and send them to you. Their treatment of patients is by far the worst I have ever had consistently. If you had a great experience then I am happy that you never had to deal with the aftermath. For fellow Veterans out there, I ask that you stay away from their psychiatric treatment centers as well. I went to their facility in Dallas to get my medication adjusted and all they ever cared about was getting me into their In-Patient program because my insurance covered it. I just needed my medication adjusted; thankfully I was able to find a great practice outside of Medical City to get the treatment I needed. Please stay away from these hospitals unless it is an absolute emergency and last resort. Absolutely horrible service level hospitals. (a month ago)

The Senior Medical Clinic is outstanding, I have been a patient since it opened, the support staff is kind and caring, the MD is knowledgeable, answers all question, take the time necessary to deal with multiple diseases. As for the hospital I have been hospitalized three times, each time the medical and support staff was outstanding. To return to the Senior Clinic, I would recommended it strongly, I have been in MD offices where the elderly are barely tolerated, here we are the center of attention. (a month ago)

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