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Medical Center Of Alliance is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Tarrant County, TX.

Medical Center Of Alliance does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Medical Center Of Alliance is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Incredible staff and very little wait time-in and out with an x-ray to boot in about an hour and a half. We did go in at 6:30 in the morning but I was still impressed. Will definitely go back if we have to. (a week ago)

I gave birth there a few days ago. The staff was fantastic, all of them. I had phenomenal care and so did my daughter in the nursery. From the nurses to the food services to housekeeping everyone was wonderful. The bad: The beds are absolutely terrible and so uncomfortable. When I gave birth to my son 3 years ago the beds auto adjusted to relieve pressure points on your body. These were just the standard hard cots and my tailbone is still sore from them. So uncomfortable! Also the TV, there are only like 5 stations ! When you just give birth and are stuck in bed for the first day (C-section) you don't have much to do so a few more stations would be nice ! (2 months ago)

I was a patient there for a week being treated for pneumonia. The doctors, nurses, and even the staff were absolutely professional and caring. The food served had the same daily menu, but it was a fantastic choice of items unseen at most Hospitals. It's a new hospital so naturally the rooms where Modern and bright. On top of that they were clean and sanitary and kept that way. It's a new hospital so naturally the rooms were modern and bright. On top of that they were cleaning sanitary and kept that way. After discharge, I was called for several days afterwards checking on my health and follow-up appointments. You don't get more caring than that. While I'm not eager to go back, if my health required it, I couldn't think of a better place if I get sick again. (2 months ago)

I was a patient in the ER, and as a nurse, I was shocked at the care that I received! This was my first time as a patient at Medical City Alliance so I had only the basic of expectations... that every nurse I came in contact with would ask me my name and date of birth and allergies prior to administering any medications. That never happened and when I asked a nurse if she needed my name and date of birth prior to administering my first set of IV medications she said, "That information is on your armband and I have already scanned it." While she did explain what medications she was giving me I was still shocked by her lack of basic safe practice. After administering something to me for my pain it was an hour before I saw anyone again and that is only because I called to tell them I had little relief from the initial medication I received. When my nurse came back in with an additional medication, again, I was not asked about my pain level or for my two patient identifiers for safety. The medication I was given is intended to be given as a slow push medication and it was just given rapidly with a rapid flush administered afterward. As this was happening I found it difficult to catch my breath and before I could say anything to my nurse she was out the door once more. Aside from the doctor coming in my room to tell me that a particular set of labs was normal I never again saw her, was given a diagnosis or told what had potentially been causing my two days of continual nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. The last nurse who entered my room never followed up on my pain level or nausea. She came into my room and told me, "Now this will probably hurt when I pull the tape off of your arm from your IV." That's how I was told I was being discharged home! When she could see that I was still very woozy from the medication that had been administered just a short time before she said,, "Is it okay that he signs your discharge paperwork?" while pointing at my husband. It all happened so fast and then she was gone. I was never offered a wheelchair or assistance to the door so my husband could go to get the car and pull it up. At this point I felt so dismissed and unvalued as a patient that I asked my husband to hand me the car keys. (Knowing that I wouldn't actually be driving home I wanted to test a hunch I had about what kind of facility this was). I walked out of my room in the ER with my husband by my side and the car keys in my hand, past a desk full of nurses and not one person acknowledged me, wished me well or stopped me to ensure I wouldn't be the one driving since I was recently administered a narcotic! Bottom line... as a medical professional, I did NOT AT ALL FEEL SAFE or satisfied with the care that I was given at Medical City Alliance! UPDATE: I DID reach out to Medical City Alliance for assistance in understanding the sub-par care that I received as mentioned above. This is what I received in response: “The incident was reviewed with those involved and it was determined that the medical care was appropriate.” This statement was written and sent to me via certified mail and signed by a registered nurse (referred to as a Patient Advocate) on May 4th, 2018. No one within Medical City Alliance in a higher position than a nurse has ever reached out to me to address my concerns regarding the risks that were taken as it relates to my care. (a week ago)

Being a first time mom, the thought of being induced at 5am was really nerve wracking for me and I was anxious going into it, but the staff at this hospital were nothing short of amazing! My L&D nurse Courtney was incredible and made my whole experience calm and (almost) painless. My post partum nurses were equally amazing going over every detail of mine and my babys discharge to where I went home feeling very confident with his care. I hope I'm still living in this area when we decide to have baby #2 because I would choose this hospital over and over again. (in the last week)

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