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Medical Center Enterprise is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Coffee County, AL.

Medical Center Enterprise does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Medical Center Enterprise is a proprietary hospital.

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This is a ridiculously pathetic hospital i have ever been to ,for the second time. Speaking on the behalf of My wife . Her first visit two months ago, it was terrible. I went to the hospital to sit with my wife . As i went through the emergency room to see exactly how to find her . An African American lady rudely described how to get to the “fast track “ room . I followed directions and it was an empty floor with dimes lights on one end of the hall and light on the other end of the hall . Let’s not forget i am not from Alabama. I am from Illinois. There was no nurse to be found . I stumbled across a worker who was janitor and asked did he see any nurses . He stated he doesn’t know . I called the emergency room off of my phone for directions to find the fast track room . Her voice grew as i was confused on finding the room . And as she got frustrated she said i can come back downstairs because my wife was discharged. As the janitor continues to work i ask him how do i get back downstairs , he politely gave me directions to the elevator. As i pass the empty dark patient rooms on the second floor , i stumbled past the fast track room . As i begin to knock i hear nurses laughing uncontrollably and loud . The nurse answer the door and asked what is it that i need as if i was interrupting as she chew her sandwich in her mouth and sandwich in her hand . I told her i was looking for my wife and why isn’t there a nurse on the floor as i walked around for an half hour looking for help as you nurses have the door closed . She showed me to my wife. I ask the nurse why did the emergency room associate who sign people in tell me that my wife was being discharged . She stated that she doesn’t know . I sat with my wife and asked how was she she said that the service is terrible and believe the nurses has no idea what they are doing . Blood was on the wall i asked why she said the nurse caused that from the needle she put into her and another nurse was making the previous nurse clean it up but she didn’t finish . As i stayed i complained about the hospitality of the workers there . The nurses didn’t state what they were doing every move they made on her . And i wanted to ask just to see if they were going to say something. And they didn’t as they finished up with her we hurry up and left . Yesterday we went to the same enterprise hospital because my wife was in pain . We were the only two in the emergency room at 4 am . They er clerk said the doctors were situating a person that came in through ambulance. Which made me question exactly how many doctors and nurses are there . The nurses were better this time but the shadow girl never stated who she was . The doctor came in and said they couldn’t find exactly what was causing her pain as they lazy butt barely tried to find out . They gave her medicine AT the hospital and said that’s all they are going to give her for her pain in the stomach . We went home and she woke back up with pain just a few hours later . We went to flowers hospital and the hospitality was amazing it was faster and more professional and caring than enterprise hospital and they asked why did the nurse do this but not that . We didn’t know but we knew enterprise hospital was a bad hospital not to mention they weight machine did not work at all . Crazy right?!? Despite the drive . It was worth it because Flowers found the underlying problem enterprise hospital failed to figure out . With something that only took an x ray to find out . And was seen by two different doctors with in the same hour . It’s sad. I would never recommend anybody go to enterprise hospital even if they were dying . I hope it gets better for the community and those who depend on this hospital. On the other hand thanks to flowers for everything. (4 months ago)

They don't call Enterprise Medical Center the "slaughter house" for nothing. They killed my grandmother and my cousin all within a three year period, Enterprise Medical Center is no hospital, in fact it is a business ran by heartless, greedy people who cares more about how much money you have than the actual patient. How do you go in with gastrointestinal problems and then the next day you are in ICU and then two days later you are on life support!! and 48 hours after that you are pronounced Dead!!! That's what happened to my cousin this past week in that order! And similar incident happened to my grandmother three years back, my family begged Enterprise to send her to Dothan, but their response was " we have to wait until she gets better " before we move her! I wouldn't go to them if I had a common cold. Most check in..Most don't check out (4 months ago)

This hospital is a wonderful location to go if you ever have any medical emergencies or need a surgery. Today I had my very first surgery and it was a great experience , all the nurses were very nice to me and so was the surgeon. I highly recommend this hospital. (5 months ago)

Unless you are bleeding out, it's worth the drive to the ER in Dothan. (4 weeks ago)

Awesome service daughter had her adenoids removed here. Nurses and doctors communicated well and everyone was very nice and kind awesome. (4 months ago)

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