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Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hudson County, NJ.

Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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What a complete waste of time. I went to the emergency room because I was having trouble breathing. My doctor recently passed away so I called my insurance and they told me to go to this ER. They made me pee in a cup and get an X-ray. And then I sat there for 3 hours before I went to ask what was going on. They had forgotten about me. They came to give me a shot. I've been dealing with these issues my entire life and know what medications my body responds to. I told them that I wasn't familiar with what they were trying to give me and would prefer if they asked the doctor to please give me what I've always gotten. He simply said no and told me my only choice was what he was offering. (By the way, they have the medication I asked for. I called ahead of time to confirm.) To keep the story short, I waited about another hour and they came with a prescription for allergy medication. I already have that prescribed! I went for something that will help me now, like I don't know, an inhaler! He got mad that I asked for medication that I knew worked for me and told me to go to my doctor if I didn't like the way he did things. I repeated that my doctor is dead and only came here because I had no choice. He rolled his eyes and discharged me. Thank you Dr. L. Carter for your incredible professionalism. Now I have to go to another ER to get the help I waited almost 5 hours for. (7 months ago)

Meadowlands Has Been Undergoing Many Changes Both Aesthetically & Functionally. There Is No Doubt That The Past History Of This Hospital Is Not Without Some Scars. However, The Future Of Meadowlands Hospital Is Bright With A Vision To Restore Itself As A Community Hospital You Can Trust. I See Changes Occurring Everyday In Every Department & Look Forward To This Convenient, Local Community Hospital To Once Again Becoming The Trusted Source For Emergency Care In The Meadowlands/Secaucus Community. If You Haven't Been To Meadowlands Hospital In Some Time...I Believe You Will Be Impressed With Both The Aesthetics As Well As Professionalism & Commitment To Quality Staff Strives To Achieve In Both Care & Patient Experience. The Vision Of Meadowlands Hospital Is Well On Its Way To Being Realized With So Many Advancements Already Achieved While This Hospital Works Tirelessly To Achieve Every Goal In Restoring Meadowlands Hospital As A Trusted Source For Emergency Medical Care In The Community. I Definitely Recommend Meadowlands Hospital As A Source For Emergency Medical Care. (7 months ago)

First I would like to give kudos to the receptionist. She was very sweet and helpful. The only good thing about the emergency room was the receptionist. Other than that it was horrible. A man was admitted for alcohol and drug withdrawal. He was unattended after initial screening. The man ripped his IV out of his arm and blood went flying all over the floor. The man got up about a dozen times and went into other patient rooms where he vomited and pee'd. He also vomited in the emergency room restroom. The nurses saw him a few times and yelled "Go back to your room!" One nurse even yelled, " I don't have time to deal with this!" Really? What is your purpose as a nurse at this point???? After security was called twice, they finally restrained the man, and after a very short time, the man broke loose. All while this was happening the man was requesting water and milk to hydrate himself. The nurses ignored his request. I also requested water while I waited 5 hours for the doctor, and the nurse ignored my request as well. Another major concern is that the nurses AND doctor were yelling out every patients information. 5 patients were in the ER at the time that I could tell. When I was put in my "room" after the initial doc visit, the doc walked away yelling to the nurses the reason why I was at the ER. Very personal reason btw. I knew the reason that every patient that was admitted after me was in the ER. Doctor/ patient confidentiality? Anyway, I would NEVER recommend or go back to this hospital!!! Unsanitary. Rude. Unfriendly environment. (8 months ago)

The only thing good about this place is that in the ER they take you fast into triage. However, I feel like nurses and doctors at this hospital really don't give two cares in the world as to how their patient is being treated or anything. Doctors come talk to you for two seconds and don't tell you necessarily what is going on, and nurses don't care to communicate messages to doctors upon the patients' request, such as changing pain medication because the current one isn't effective at all. This hospital is the worst one I have ever been to and the most unprofessional one I have ever been to. Never will I come to this hospital again. I'd rather wait in an emergency room for hours rather than come and deal with this nonsense again. (7 months ago)

I have been calling this hospital to find out if they accept my insurance since yesterday and all I get is "I am not sure, let me put you through this department."How hard is it to get such an answer for this simple question? If a person works in the emergency department of a hospital, should't they know which insurance the hospital accepts? I even left a message with the HR and no body has gotten back to me. I called HR again this morning and still nothing. My rating for this hospital is actually a ZERO too bad there is no option for that on the ratings' scale. I went on the hospital's website and I saw a place where the hospital is up for sale. How true is that? This used to be a very good hospital until it exchanged hands where the bottom line was put at the forefront and human life at the back burner. It is really a shame and may God Almighty helps us all. You know I will be sharing this with friends on face book. (12 months ago)

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