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555 E CHEVES ST BOX 8700, FLORENCE, SC 29506
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555 E CHEVES ST BOX 8700

Mcleod Regional Medical Center-Pee Dee is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Florence County, SC.

Mcleod Regional Medical Center-Pee Dee does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mcleod Regional Medical Center-Pee Dee is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I must encourage everyone who reads this review to avoid McLeod Gastro and the criminally incompetent, sorry excuse for a physician named John Wolford. Not only is he a useless human being and doctor who doesn’t order relevant tests because he thinks he can diagnose without relevant data, but his staff is also criminally incompetent and can’t read basic test results that have been summarized by other professionals! The might be some decent doctors at McLeod. However, the criminally incompetent gastroenterologists there do more harm than all the collective good of the others combined. McLeod doesnt care. There is NO OVERSIGHT of doctors. If you have an issue with a doctor, they don’t care and don't want to hear it. The administration doesnt care if their doctors are criminally incompetent. If McLeod truly cares about how their doctors treat people, they would send in folks to "play" patients in their system. Experience what the rest of us go through. PS, avoid scam artist and quack "doctor" John Wolford with every fiber of your being. He and his staff are dangerously and criminally incompetent. (3 weeks ago)

I would give them negative stars if I could. I have been accused of being a drug addict here. Asked if I have aids when they found out I am gay. I have been having panic attacks and was told by doctor Anthony L Bostick that he isn't a psychiatrist and I should try to exercise. I will NEVER go back here. I don't care if I would die on the way to any other hospital. I would love to see this place be destroyed and put out of commission. (3 months ago)

This is just sad.... Family member is in for mental health, I was in the back with that person, came out, now I'm not allowed to go back to that person after sitting with them for over 3 hours. The staff are all ride, people who Need to be seen aren't being seen and it's sad and pathetic service. I won't even comment on the 'cleaness' of this whole place. I'm extremely dissatisfied with all of these people and this place. (a month ago)

My Mother was in a triple rollover accident in Marion, and was taken to Marion Medical, not really sure why. I arrived 5 hours later, because I live 25 miles outside of Atlanta. It was obvious she was not receiving adequate care in Marion, and someone suggested McLeod as a trauma rated hospital, so I requested that she be transferred to McLeod. The difference in service and treatment was like being in a different country. I honestly believe McLeod Medical saved my Mothers life, because she was in dire shape after having been in Marion for 5 hours, with inadequate treatment. The staff, Drs and nurses, were wonderfully professional and the care of my Mother was first rate life saving. Thank you McLeod Medical for saving my Mothers life, I've never experienced better medical care!! (6 months ago)

They have no compassion for any patients. My father is diabetic, in congested heart failure, high blood pressure..neuropathy so bad he can barely walk. He developed a horrible ulcer on his foot. It took us days to get him to finally go and the ER doctor asked why he came in and wasted people's time!!! We were in route to get to Florence from San Antonio TX or I would have tore the whole staff especially the doctor a new one (2 months ago)

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