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Mclaren - Northern Michigan is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Emmet County, MI.

Mclaren - Northern Michigan does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mclaren - Northern Michigan is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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My father was in this hospital for three days he received excellent care everyone had his best interest in mind. Everyone was super nice. Thanks to all the staff (a month ago)

My family and I have had the pleasure of being seen and cared for at McLaren over the years, the birth of four children, hernia surgery, back surgery and a brain tumor removed. I have experience nice nurses, crotchety nurses, patient Doctors and bossy Doctors... they are only human. I will always go back to McLaren and I am very sad for anyone that has had a different experience there. (a month ago)

Patient relations representative is worthless. Worst possible care in northern Michigan go anywhere else unless you plan to go in for something minor and want to end up 6 feet in the ground. Personally Seen a few people check in and not check out due to negligent complications that could have been avoided. Spent the last 4 years in and out of the health care systems and seen all kinds good and bad staff. in Petoskey your lucky to get 10% well trained competent the rest are there because it's a job and won't meet even minimum safety/care standards. clueless how to run blood product infusions properly let alone cleanliness standards. They would rather remain ignorant to the lack of standards then fix them in my 3 visits from 2014-2018 with them it has only went down hill. Of 20 individuals who I talked with none had a positive word to say for this hospital. I did contact there patients relationships coordinator that resulted in nothing but a waste of time since they wish to remain ignorant of the lack of standards in there facilities. If you go here record everything the staff does with your phone people screw up less when they know they're on camera. (5 months ago)

We have visited the ER 3 times in last 4 years for various family members including myself. We are not originally from the area so are familiar with other Hospitals in the Midwest. Our experience was that McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital is TOP NOTCH. From check-in through triage ....friendly, efficient, and professional. We are thrilled to have such a wonderful and competent Hospital nearby. Special thanks to ER Dr. Sharp, the ER nurse (cannot remember her name), Kathy, and Vinny. (5 months ago)

No patient relations. I am a 66yo with past surguries includeing major back and hip surgery, with my second hip surgery recently and discharged yesterday. I now understand the low reviews and personally believe that a 3 star is high, maybe it's because it was memorial day holiday and and administration just wanted me out before the holiday. I'll explain this later in the review. The nurse and pct staff at mcclaren Petoskey were either very good to very bad, no in between. Without mentioning names I will leave it at the staff who were helpful a very heartfelt thank you and to the rest not so much, you know who you are. A little more about me as a patient and past complications I have had and that mcclaren knew about. I have in the past, chronic pain and use opiates to control this pain. Just prior to surgery the chonic pain started in my back, hip and knee and continued to take tramadol which is a low strength painreliever ,compared to what I've used in the past. Prior to my surgery on Wednesday I hadn't BM since Saturday or Sunday. I had the surgery on Wednesday and when I came to I was in more pain I have ever experienced in my life. They gave me a barage of painkiller including fentanyl,morphine and others I have not heard of. The morphine ended up taking care of the pain but the high dosage of opiates were given, have should been. Now for my stay other than what was mentioned above regarding nurse and pct staff. As mentioned surgery was on Wednesday and a discharge scheduled for Thursday if possible. With the chronic pain in my back, left hip and swollen knee not to mention the surgery I just had the pain was horrible. I had my first therapy and a 15 foot walk was the goal for Wednesday. I got up and could only take a few steps. He said that goal was too much for me today and that tomorrow ( scheduled discharge date) we would have to achieve along with stair climbing since my house I have a total of 14-15 steps. The physical therapy tech recommendation for Thursday was not to be discharged. Within what seemed minutes the case worker was pressureing me against that decision but yet it was my decision. Friday therapy wasn't alot better I was able to make it to the doorway of my room but wasn't able to make it to the steps. Again the therapy tech recommended that I stay since I wasn't reaching my goals to be able to make it up and down stairs safely. This time the social worker AME to see me with the same pressure same lines but my decision. Saturday therapy was the worse because I was unable to recover from the chronic pain which affected both hips, both the right and left side of my back and knee. I could hardly stand and here comes the case worker along with the pressure. She offered a suggestion to go with in house therapy at a well known 5 star located in charlevoix. Once the VA was paying for the surgery, I told the case worker if she could get the VA to commit to pay for the service I would go. She said she felt sure that they would pay but I had my doubts. She returned later and said they wouldn't but got a number for me to talk to a VA rep on Tuesday after the holiday to see about getting in house therapy at either the Saginaw or Detroit VA and that only seemed my choice but when asked if okay I didn't respond and on the checkout form I put a note that I disagreed with the discharge. Mcclaren Petoskey has put me in a very dangerous situation by discharging me knowing I have a history of falling, not taking advise on the part of their own therapist. Should anything happen to me you surly will hear from me. Again I know why your rating is low. Sent from my Huawei tablet Sent from my Huawei tabletq Sent from my Huawei tablet it (a month ago)

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