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1375 N MAIN ST, LAPEER, MI 48446
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Mclaren Lapeer Region is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lapeer County, MI.

Mclaren Lapeer Region does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mclaren Lapeer Region is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Sooo slow. People walking around talking not doing anything and here we are waiting hours for a simple reason. Update... got vertigo this year. They told me I was dehydrated even though I felt fine and have been drinking ridiculous amounts of water but still ran 2.5 bags of saline or whatever through me for no reason.. then charged me 1500$.. terrible place.. gave my child the wrong medicine once too.. the pharmacist caught it. (a month ago)

This hospital is terrible. I would never come here for anything. My brother and sister in law had their baby here on July 10th and the staff is horrendous. I have never been treated so terribly in my life at a hospital. The baby was taken in a c section and my brother the father was not even notified the baby was born for 25 minutes. Then they told him nothing, they took the baby to another area and he was not told a single thing or able to be around his newborn daughter for 2 hours. After basically having to push his way in he finally got to see her. The staff has been rude and not helpful at all. Its disgusting that these people are even working with babies. If you don't like your job get a new one. Here's a tip for you ladies, I work in health care and if you have patients and their family members are concerned and worried about what is happening how about you treat them kind and like you would your own family. I would never recommend coming to this hospital ever go the extra miles to a better one. Ridiculous all of it. Way to ruin a babys birth for her father and the family. (a week ago)

McLaren Lapeer Regional Hospital Brought a family member in on a Sunday afternoon with confusion and possible pain issues. The intake nurses did a good job in checking the health of our loved one and moving the patient to a bed in the ER to wait for the residing doctor to further analyze the situation. The ER Doctor was attentive and made the decision to place our loved one in residency. I have no issues with the ER staff and the care and treatment they provided to us and our family member on a Sunday afternoon. I would rate them a 4 to 4.5 star rating. I do however have serious issues with McLaren Hospital outside of the ER, especially the third floor. I would rate McLaren Lapeer Hospital a 0 star rating if google would allow and have to give a one star rating for this google review. Our loved one was sent to the third floor which I am now aware is the hospice and terminal floor of McLaren Lapeer Hospital. McLaren Lapeer does not have a designated Hospice unit or floor and the third floor serves as the holding area for those patients McLaren Hospital wants to discharge or who will likely die on this floor. The third floor in this hospital is the death ward and the grossly overworked nurses, aides and volunteers are so stretched with paper work, taking vitals and other tasks that they have no time for family or the patients needs. Family members were made to feel they were asking the impossible of nurses and staff if they asked any questions or related problems the patient was experiencing. In four days, the only task performed on time was the bringing of food, whether the patient wanted it or not. It did not matter what the patient wanted or even if they were able to eat what was brought. Nurses said little of the patient’ condition and showed displeasure with any problems a patient had. Often this situation results from administrative cost cutting and I think it was the Hospital’s cost cutting measure of not having adequate personal on this floor that greatly contributed to this situation. Our family was not informed of Home health care as an option and that the only way to be discharged for our loved one, and which the hospital pressed for, was to accept Hospice. Medical information for the family was nonexistent, we never saw the third-floor doctor and the oncologist, and neither provided any medical update until Hospice was accepted. I would never use this hospital if given a choice and would make the drive from Lapeer to Grand Blanc to go to Genesys Hospital in the future. (a month ago)

Hands down the best place to have a baby. Staff is extremely well educated. Very willing to help with anything. Nurses, housekeeping, lab, nutrition everyone. I felt like my child and I we’re in the best possible care. They even watched our little one so dad and I could nap. My pain was addressed well before I had any issues. Baby products and sanitary items for myself were always stocked. Dr. Daly was very reassuring and comforting. Guided me though the entire delivery. Explained what was going on, so I knew what to do. Overall my entire experience at Mclaren Lapeer goes way beyond any 5 star rating. Thank you to everyone. You’re appreciated more than you’ll ever know. (3 months ago)

How many bad review does it take to change. I too had a bad experience in the ER. While it was a long time ago, I still have nightmares. This hospital doesn't deserve any stars!!!! (in the last week)

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