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FLINT, MI 48532

McLaren Flint hospital is the regional hospital of choice for the Flint and Genesee areas of mid-Michigan.

Mclaren Flint is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Genesee County, MI.

Mclaren Flint does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mclaren Flint is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I was born here in 1971. If you have heart problems, this is the place to be. My mom has recovered from 2 strokes, nine stents and open heart surgery here, all textbook. They replaced my hips, they were great, it's not their fault these hips are god damned rotten and recalled. ER can get bogged down at prime time, but not bad at all usually. Way more comfortable than Hurley. (a week ago)

Had a procedure done in the cardiac unit. The staff were fantastic! I was very nervous and everyone was very caring to my needs. Extremely satisfied with the care I received at McLaren Flint as always. Exceptional care from Dr Chambers and the medical team. Couldn't ask for a better group of medical staff. Dr Chambers is the best. I was in good hands. (5 months ago)

My wife had two babies there many years ago and everything was great 5 stars, so I asked to be taken there when they thought I had heart problems even though another hospital was closer. In emergency they told me they were doing X-rays, me wife told them I had X-rays with me from the other McLaren mini hospital a couple hours earlier. The male nurse said he didn't care those were his orders. While there they gave dietetics and I really had to go. I pushed the call button many times while I could hear several employees standing in one location talking. When I told them I had to go he said hold on until I got to my room he would "go fast". When I got to my room it was about 10pm I asked for something to eat as I hadn't eaten now for about 12 hours. Nothing big crackers or peanuts. The nurse said they didn't have anything but she had some crackers she might get. A couple hours later she came to check on me and had forgotten about the crackers. To be fair this happened a few years ago, maybe it's changed, but I am looking for a closer doctor and they seem to be attached to hospitals and I don't want to travel further for mediocre service. (4 months ago)

Justin the nurse in ER was outstanding explained everything to you and made sure you understood everything they were doing to you Carli on 10th floor was always there for you never to busy to help you Hospitals need more Nurses like them (3 weeks ago)

I can’t explain how disappointed I am with this hospital and the care my father experienced after a stroke. My father is a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic and was not treated as such. It took 48 hrs to get his blood sugar levels to an acceptable level after removing his insulin pump which should not have been removed in the first place. He was only seen by an endocrinologist after we had to specifically request it due to having a diabetic reaction in the hospitals care. During the reaction our concerns were dismissed and we were told it was “just anxiety” even though we have 30 years of experience with this type of situation and can spot the onset a mile away. Needless to say it was not “anxiety”. I can not speak as to the knowledge or abilities of the doctor staff as I do not have a previous frame of reference but rounds were typically conducted during non visiting hours and when trying to get information from the nursing staff we were consistently told “you will have to talk to the doctors”. The doctors seemed knowledgeable and courteous and were also extremely frustrated by the actions of the nursing staff. We had multiple incidents with disorientation and agitation in the care of the nursing staff resulting in sedation and restraints all of which could have prevented if they would have allowed a family member to stay overnight. I could go on at length as to the incompetence of the staff but ultimately I will sum this experience by urging anyone who in in need of care or has a family member in need of care to please search for an alternative facility that can provide the adequate care that people deserve in these situations. We ultimately had to make the decision to transfer to a different hospital to get the care we needed. We will be following up with the hospital to help prevent this experience from repeating itself with another patient in the future. (4 months ago)

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