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A guide to services and amenities at Mayo Clinic's Campus in Florida for patients and visitors.

Mayo Clinic is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Duval County, FL.

Mayo Clinic does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mayo Clinic is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My first visit here at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale which is a well organized clinic both in relation to the facility itself and also in relation to the provision of clinical care. Patients will go through a process. They are registered first and then guided to the next level until they see their specialist based on their appointments. At each stage there is a thorough documentation of patient's visit and what went on including the notes of the treating physician which includes the assessment results and the recommendations and orders. At this point, if the doctor recommends admission and the patients can afford through insurance they will be admitted to the hospital otherwise they will be seen and followed up in the out-patient clinic. As a whole the Mayo Clinic has an efficient administrative and professional management. (4 months ago)

I do not live in Scottsdale I'm from Law Vegas and was in town for a seminar. I went in for kidney problems and was treated Amazing Dr Judson and the the nurses were Great .. Ty so much for the great care (2 months ago)

I was really disappointed w/ my “care” here with the GI clinic. The doctor did not seem to follow internationally published treatment guidelines. I brought in my imaging and it’s like he couldn’t figure out the computer to look at what he needed to. Then he gave me two other possibilities (scary) of what my issue could be. Then switched into telling me I needed to lose weight in a rude way and sent me home. Then I did more research and I found out one of these other diagnostic possibilities could be ruled out with some simple blood work. He only ruled out one possibility based solely on my age but yet the other possibilities he told me were not in my age category either? I called and asked for a referral to endocrinology. They refused to give me a referral saying they would manage those labs. So then I said okay, please order them to rule out this differential diagnosis and they wouldn’t. I complained to some department and I got a call back from a director a month later. And the call was very punitive, all CYA like basically stating since I had missed a follow up (even tho I called to cancel) and overweight I was some kind of undesirable patient. Not empathetic at all, and didn’t even listen to me! End result was nothing was done and I changed over to a different doctor and system who welcome questions and use research to back up their recommendations. I thought Mayo was world renowned but my experience was just abysmal. (3 months ago)

This is a true story!!! Mayo Clinic sent me a bill for $754.04 because I called & canceled my doctor appointment couple days prior to my appointment time. I HAVE NOT even seen any doctor yet and all they did was a person from scheduling department calling me to verify my personal info & SSN. This is a Complete Ripoff!!! Why should I pay for it? And now they hired collection company to call me...they're abusing their power. Shame on Mayo Clinic!!! Please learn from my case and DO NOT give any doctor your SSN over the phone. (3 months ago)

I was utterly disappointed in the Mayo Clinic. I felt that the doctor I saw was mediocre at best, and did not accurately diagnose me. My experience was that they ran a ton of tests, did not get insurance approval first, and then sent a a ridiculous bill for thousands of dollars in uncovered expenses. They wouldn’t negotiate down the price, although they “generously “ will give a 10% discount if you pay in full. (5 months ago)

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