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DENTON, TX 76208

Mayhill Hospital is a private psychiatric hospital specializing in mental health and chemical dependency care for adults and seniors

Mayhill Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Denton County, TX.

Mayhill Hospital does not have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Mayhill Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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As a former employee of this facility, I can say this hospital is the most unprofessional, desperate for money, uncaring environment I’ve ever worked in. Within the last couple of YEARS, almost every shift has been short staffed. You are left with 13 patients per one; ONE tech and one nurse. On the GERI unit. You are expected to make 15 min rounds on every single patient while excepted to “check and change”, shower, and assist any needs the elderly might have. The “admin” at this place is completely horrible and highly unprofessional. They have been firing personnel just because, and I quote a former supervisor “I can’t stand them”... This facility struggles to get employees to work and yet they fire people just for not liking them. Admin just gossips about personal stuff about patients. It’s crazy tho, because if you’re related to anyone in administration you can just not show up multiple times and not face any kind of consequences.... The new DON at this facility has no clue what goes on at this facility half of the time.... Theres patients that come to this hospital come for help, and instead they are forced to stay there for as long as there insurance will pay. So if you’re having serious mental issues and your insurance only covers two days... guess what? Your stay will be two day. I’ve seen people who want to leave and are ready to go, stay there for two weeks.. why? Well because their insurance covers a whole two weeks. This is the last place anyone seeking for REAL help wants to go to. (a week ago)

If you only had a simple or minor mental condition that was easily treated apon coming to this horrific evil institution i promise most of you will end up leaving with much more major mental health issues than you had to begin with!!! These people that run this evil corporation will ruin your faith in humanity. They will make your mental problem much much much worse!!! Please do not go to this evil place!!! They will hurt you or your loved ones. THEY ARE NOT HERE TO HELP YOU. THEY ARE ONLY HERE TO TAKE YOUR MONEY. THEY ARE A PROFIT ORGANIZATION AND MONEY IS ALL THAT ARE SEEKING. Please, do not destroy your loved ones!!! Please take this serious. Do not come to this evil torture chamber!!!! (2 months ago)

I don't even want to give them one star my uncle was sent there they never gave us his patient information to visit him and never told us anything going on with him and released him on April 19th without telling us and we just found out yesterday May 7 he was missing so he's been wandering the streets without food or money or his medicine and he has dementia and falls easily. Because of this place we have no idea where he is and what state he is in mentally and if he is even alive. You might as well have killed him yourself you worthless trash. No one is returning our calls or anything. If you care about your loved ones don't send them there. This place needs to be shut down. (2 months ago)

I'm very disgusted with this place. My daughter ended up there, now it's a battle to get her out. She fears for her safety. No one pays attention to her pleas for help. They kept her clothes from her, didn't offer any toiletries. I'm trying like hell to get her out of there and some other safe place. Don't t let snyany take your lived ones there, we are learning the hard way 😡😡😡 (a month ago)

This place was dirty, terrifying, and awful for someone with depression and anxiety. Some of the staff was kind, but mostly we were treated like animals. BEWARE, find another place if you or someone you love is dealing with depression/anxiety (3 weeks ago)

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