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DENTON, TX 76208

Mayhill Hospital is a private psychiatric hospital specializing in mental health and chemical dependency care for adults and seniors

Mayhill Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Denton County, TX.

Mayhill Hospital does not have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Mayhill Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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If you only had a simple or minor mental condition that was easily treated apon coming to this horrific evil institution i promise most of you will end up leaving with much more major mental health issues than you had to begin with!!! These people that run this evil corporation will ruin your faith in humanity. They will make your mental problem much much much worse!!! Please do not go to this evil place!!! They will hurt you or your loved ones. THEY ARE NOT HERE TO HELP YOU. THEY ARE ONLY HERE TO TAKE YOUR MONEY. THEY ARE A PROFIT ORGANIZATION AND MONEY IS ALL THAT ARE SEEKING. Please, do not destroy your loved ones!!! Please take this serious. Do not come to this evil torture chamber!!!! (a week ago)

I don't even want to give them one star my uncle was sent there they never gave us his patient information to visit him and never told us anything going on with him and released him on April 19th without telling us and we just found out yesterday May 7 he was missing so he's been wandering the streets without food or money or his medicine and he has dementia and falls easily. Because of this place we have no idea where he is and what state he is in mentally and if he is even alive. You might as well have killed him yourself you worthless trash. No one is returning our calls or anything. If you care about your loved ones don't send them there. This place needs to be shut down. (2 weeks ago)

FIVE STARS!!! THANK YOU TO RICARDO, MARSHA, AND MAYHILL HOSPITAL FOR PROVIDING COMPETENT AND LOVING CARE TO OUR ELDERLY WHO NEED IT. As the Director of Nursing of an Assisted Living Community, Mayhill Hospital has been a lifesaver to our residents with behavioral health needs. They use a dignified approach to improve our resident's quality of life. Our residents have also reported that they actually enjoyed their time at Mayhill Hospital. Ricardo has helped us through some difficult situations and is always there to assist when I call. Marsha in admissions has been absolutely amazing too! Thank you! (3 months ago)

Worst place in the world period. The staff was very uniformed about their own establishment. I went to visit my girlfriend and after an hour i was finally asked who i was coming to visit. After she was brought down i only was allowed to visit for three minutes because visiting hours were closing. Side note, lot of rape accusations have come to my attention as well. Do yourself a favor and get your loved ones a full examination after they leave that place. (3 months ago)

My son has a relatively new diagnosis of schizophrenia and went off his meds. He was taken to Mayhill. I called the next day as soon as I found this out, spoke to an intake coordinator, explained the history, and was given a patient ID number ( which you must have to get any information). I requested to speak with the physician when he made rounds, so I could tell him what had been tried, and what didn’t work. I also wanted him to know about a reaction he had to high dose seroquel with haldol. For the next 6 days I called and left messages with the social worker. I called the floor only to be told, he was eating, he was in therapy, or just put on hold, until it was sent back to the receptionist or clicked to a dial tone. I was told he was not eligible for visitation. I called nursing several times, and the 2 times they answered, and I gave them the code number, I was given no information and put on hold, only to click to a dial tone after several minutes. The next Wednesday morning I called to check on visitation and they said he was not there, and they could not tell me where he was. I was angry as I was the primary caretaker and listed on his admission paperwork. He was sent out Tuesday night to Denton Medical City with Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, a reaction to the haldol they apparently gave him. I called area hospitals and located him, then drove to see him. Family was there every day, and he received excellent care from the hospital. I requested he not go back to Mayhill due to my experience. I picked 2 other places. Despite my son knowing us and responding well to the family visits, he still required further inpatient treatment. As he was not agreeable, he had to have an involuntary commitment, which we agreed to. Due to the involuntary commitment, the other places declined admission, and the judge sent him back to Mayhill. As soon as he was moved, we called Mayhill to check on him and get a patient ID number. We were informed they could not confirm he was there, and could tell us nothing without a number. I tried to explain the situation to no avail. I called a week straight leaving messages with the social worker voicemail (several different ones), and trying to leave my phone numbers with the receptionist, so my son might call me (so we could get a number). I finally spoke to “Marvin” a social worker, who seemed rushed to get me off the phone and would only agree that if that Patient was here, he would speak with him and see if I could get a number. 2 weeks later and multiple calls later— nothing. Can’t get nursing to answer the phone for 10 days straight. We are now almost 3 wks there since back from the acute hospital. I have left messages with the administrator. I can’t even find out the name of the physician caring for him. I am now exploring legal options. He was lucid enough to give consent the day he left Medical City Denton, but now for 3 wks can’t? These are the same people who didn’t notify me when he had a life threatening move to the acute hospital ( when I had a Patient ID number and was listed as primary contact per the intake person). How can I trust he is even still there? Their “I don’t care attitude” makes me concerned for my sons well being. The fact the Doctor didn’t care enough to call me for a history, contributed to the administration of Haldol with the neuroleptic malignant syndrome. It is my opinion that having family visitation will help ground him and encourage him. He is a dependent and I am his primary caretaker, surely they would want to speak with me for discharge planning. This is the most ridiculous and unprofessional experience I have ever had. I am in the healthcare field and understand HIPA and privacy laws. There are ways to be professional and caring and maintain the law. (a month ago)

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