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104 7TH STREET, BAY CITY, TX 77414
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BAY CITY, TX 77414

Matagorda Regional Medical Center, located in Bay City, Texas serves the residents of Matagorda County for all its healthcare needs. The Matagorda County Hospital ...

Matagorda Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Matagorda County, TX.

Matagorda Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Matagorda Regional Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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This review is specifically for Dr. Johnson, he was working in the ER. I went there, because my daughters who is only 1month old had a rash that was coming back again. So I immediately went to the ER to go get her checked out. Wow!! This man was EXTREMELY ROUGH handling my daughter, and I’m not joking!!! He was pulling on her legs so hard and bending her neck so damn hard she was screaming crying, not like a normal baby cry but screaming. He was handling her so rough that I wanted to tell him “what his problem was!! Why would you handle a baby so rough like that?!” It made me so upset! Not only was he rough, but he was also very rude! As I’m trying to show him we’re her rash is at (because he asked me to), I was hovering over my daughter which was blocking the light. He told me, “You are blocking the light, move out the way” like seriously you can’t tell me politely? Then on top of that her bottle was on the bed and he dropped it on the floor, and said sorry, but didn’t bother to pick it up. Just left her bottle on the floor. So I had to go get it off the floor myself. Like who does that? Where are your manners? You are a doctor and we are your patients. You get paid to take care of us, not mistreat us! I don’t care if you thought my daughters rash was minor situation, you don’t handle a baby so poorly the way you did, or anyone for that matter!!! I don’t make reviews ever, but this was definitely worth my time making this review so people know what kind of doctor you are! (2 weeks ago)

I've been to the ER twice at this place and both times was treated very good. First visit my appendix had to come out and had no problems, but they kept me a little longer than I had liked (probably to milk insurance). This past visit was for abdominal pain and they had me in and out within 5 hours (that included a CT scan and blood work). Really nice people, just wish they were closer. (5 months ago)


There is a reason why Matagorda County doesn't have the best. Like the nuclear plant, tenaris etc. the people who actually work here that are really important don't even live anywhere near Matagorda County. (in the last week)

I have not delivered my baby yet , but I did head to the er a few weeks back to get checked out for a pain , and I couldn't be happier with the service I received from Mrs.Carolyn , a delivery nurse who helped me out, not going to lie when I seen her I was a little nervous I would get judged , or looked at funny since I am a first time mom and I had no clue what or why my side was hurting and I was scared I would get looked at as over reacting , but no she was the most sweetest person as soon as I walked into the room , she started conversation and quickly made me feel more comfortable with her and she treated me soooo sooo nice , I honestly am too glad I met her , she even gave me her number for the department and told me it was okay if I had any problems to give her a call and not to be scared to show up if had a gut feeling pain or anything that it would be okay if I showed up and she would help . I called this past weekend because I had a small accident non major , at home and mrs, Carolyn was not there but the girl who answered and the delivery nurse that was on that night where as well the sweetest as well , went out their way to even call back a few minutes later to see how I was and how I was feeling and also assured me it would be more than okay if I wanted to go in and make sure the baby was okay I could. even if I felt him move. so far I am happy with the service I have received , I will update once I give birth , as well (3 months ago)

In the ER for 3 hours and still have not seen a doctor. Staff is incompetent. When I got there I was the only patient too! Lazy and incompetent. I will never go there again I’ll drive to Lake Jackson or Houston or even Sweeney hospital. (4 months ago)

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