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Patients choose Marina Del Rey Hospital for its highly focused specialty care including: spine surgery, weight loss and bariatric procedures, robotic and minimally ...

Marina Del Rey Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Marina Del Rey Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Marina Del Rey Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I was just at this hospital yesterday and couldn’t believe how I was treated. Please read all of this because it’s disturbing. I walked in to the hospital with severe Abdominal cramps. I was hunched over a screaming and crying as I walked in. I sat down to check in and the lady who was registering me took her time. She could see I could barely answer. I told her I needed help right away. Oh and may I mention there was only 1 person in the Lobby waiting. Finally a nurse came to the side and asked I meet her in the triage. I told her I couldn’t walk and I could get a wheelchair. She said no “I had to walk”. So I mustered up strength and made it inside. Then she took vitals and said To go to the room and wait for a nurse. It was a bit of ways away. I asked for help again and she refused. So I’m in the emergency room holding on to the wall yelling for help while my nurse passes several wheelchairs and not once offered me one. I was moving so slow she said, “Your in room C, I’ll leave your stuff there”. I’m in shock that I am in a emergency room have been treated this way. I’m contacting the powers that be and will take my experience to them. This treatment of people is unacceptable. The hospital was not full and the wait time was less than 10 minuets. Once I got an X Ray, the technician saw I couldn’t walk and asked if I needed a wheelchair. I told him I asked but was denied a chair. He was outraged and went to find me a wheelchair. As he was looking I struggled to open the door and my doctor treating me was upset I couldn’t open the door. I FINALLY GOT A WHEELCHAIR BACK TO MY ROOM. What if I fell and banged my head trying to get to room? All those people watching and doing nothing. I could understand if the hospital was full but it wasn’t. I’m so disappointed and embarrassed. I need answers and will take this up with administration immediately. This was unacceptable service to someone who needed help. Shame on these people. (6 months ago)

I have never in my entire life met a beautiful group of professionals who clearly had empathy for the patients and their families. My aunt made her transition at this hospital. The staff treated her with dignity and made her passing so much more tolerable. The assigned social worker, the nurses/nursing assistants, respiratory, housekeeping and security were very informative and polite. Thanks so much!!!! From the family of BP, 411/bed 2. (6 months ago)

The people that work here are evil and dark and they all need to be fired and never allowed to be working in a hospital ever again. I came to this Hospital one night and in need of help and they treated me like I was nothing but a piece of dirt the nurses all discussed my medical issue and the reason why i was there in the hallways to where I can hear them all laughing to one another like if it was a joke and I thought my medical history and my information was private and only to be discussed between doctor and patient but they were talking about it like it was everyone's business. There is anything Wrong with you or you are hurt or you are in need of help and assistance do everything in your power to avoid this hospital (5 months ago)

I give this hospital ER NO stars (this review makes me select 1). It was the worst hospital experience I have had in my life. I work as a cardiology NP and was visiting from out of state. I went to the ER for abdominal pain-waited 3 hours. I read reviews of the hospital while waiting and was terrified by the numerous bad reviews. From the care all the way to billing-this was and continues to be a NIGHTMARE!!!! I waited 3 hours to be seen in the ER only to be seen by a physician for literally 3 minutes before I walked out. The independent physician group has now charged me $925.00 for 3 minutes of terrible, inept care. I have called to sort out my billing and they never ran the claim by my HMO. The independent physician group will not return my calls, and the hospital has been of no help. This hospital is the epitome of everything wrong with out health care system. Worst patient experience ever. (6 months ago)

Absolutely incredible. The best. In fact, I can safely say the nurses, doctors and administrators at Emergency Care could manage this country better than those currently in office. Great job, what a great testament to them all. (8 months ago)

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