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Marin General Hospital is an independent provider of health care services in Marin County

Marin General Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Marin County, CA.

Marin General Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Marin General Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Absolutely the best. ER staff was kind, efficient, knowledgeable and in control of their job. RN Joe and Dr. Gage-Kim kept me posted on my progress and plan of treatment. When admitted every staff member was professional and knowledgeable. Have read other negative reviews and just can't see where this is coming from. Would come back to this facility in a heartbeat and I live on Maui so not an easy commute. Thank yoy for your excellent care and compassion. (2 months ago)

I been here twice for tha last month and i cant really explain how wonderful were all the staff here. Super nice , super caring the doctors are the best nurses so helpful. Everyone treat you with the smile here. Love love love it. (a month ago)

The staff seems overworked. Marin General lost a friend of mine's dentures, when when she was in for a stroke. Then they avoided our phone inquiries, and would not reimburse her. Then when I was a hospital also belongings of mine went missing. The staff does the best they are able under such low staffing. A few years back I was bitten by a tick in back part under my arm pit. I was lucky to see it's hind legs rear end, and wings still sticking out, in a mirror while changing clothes. Though wasn't able to get the tick out from the back arm pit area. I go over to Marin General it took them hours to even have a nurse practitioner look at it. She sort of down played the situation, but told me she could get that out with special tweezers. However it took them over 3 hours to locate and sterilize available tweezers. Finally after 5 hours or so, she shows up notifying me they were able to find sanitized tweezers. By that time the tick had already burrowed in with only a tiny part of a foot hanging out. So no success it plucking the tick out. I only give them 2 2/3 stars. Most of the staff are good people; I must say. (a month ago)

Joe, your the best. Be well. -wendy (in the last week)

I just had a horrifying experience at this ER, where the care is inconsistent and understaffed I go much more than average because I have some rather complicated health issues. First off, The triage process makes no sense to me at all. I understand that I will be triaged then called back by other staff for my second assessment. There they may order tests and do EKGs so that by the time a Dr sees you he or she has your test results already. I understand this is done to expedite care and decrease the amount of time that an ER bed is occupied by each patient. I get that. However I have, at times, felt a bit like a head of cattle being ushered around then sent back to the waiting room. It feels impersonal and the staff in this area are hurried, unconcerned and not very friendly or professional. Recently I went in because I was having a terrible medication reaction. My entire body was having tonic-clonic convulsions about every three to five minutes. I was in great pain and needed something to stop the convulsions. I was soaked with sweat and had trouble catching my breath. When I was sent back out to the waiting room I was told there were 3 patients ahead of me to go to the back, which was already full. I saw these patients that were ahead of me and none of them appeared to be in any acute distress. That’s why I say the triage process makes no sense. From my understanding you take the most acute cases back first. What’s more acute, someone who can sit and play on their phone or someone who is convulsing and unable to walk? . I felt frightened and helpless, as though I was having a nightmare The kind of reaction I had was called dystonic and it can sometimes be life threatening. I had the terrible sensation of my throat closing with each convulsion but I was ignored by the triage nurse even though I was begging for help. I finally left and went to another hospital where I was taken straight to the back by their triage nurse. I’m a pretty tough person but I must say that the whole experience was shockingly traumatizing. It reminded me of an inner city ER instead of that of one of the richest counties in the country. Next time I am that sick and have no choice but to go to MGH I will call an ambulance. Better yet, I will just avoid MGH. (a month ago)

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