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Marietta Memorial Hospital (Marietta, Ohio) has had a great start with their MEDITECH Patient and Consumer Portal usage initiative - climbing to a 25 percent usage ...

Marietta Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Washington County, OH.

Marietta Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Marietta Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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I have been consistently paying on a medical bill that my insurance would not cover for over a year. In the past year, I have yet to have a phone call answered without being put on hold. Just this week, I have left 3 messages requesting a return call (Due to the fact that they have that option when you call, stating that they will call you back within the same business day). I have yet to receive a phone call back. Since I have not received returned contact, I tried to make an account online to view my bill details there to get the answers I was looking for; A message appeared after entering my info stating to wait for a confirmation email with my logon information. I waited just over an hour and still haven't received an email. So then, I call the help desk phone number provided just to have them take my name and number and tell me "They'll give you a call when they can get to that". I asked how long it would be and got "I really don't know" as a response. Every time I DO speak to someone, I never get the answers that I'm looking for, medical bills and accounts seem to magically appear and they "don't know what service it's for" or there "aren't any details in our records" of what payments were made, what services were, etc. on top of the fact that they're constantly and consistently rude with me; despite the fact that I stay calm through their incompetence. I am completely fed up and disgusted with MMH and will never go to them for any future services and highly recommend that others find somewhere else to go as well. Their billing department is a joke and they're completely unprofessional and uneducated. (a week ago)

hospital covered under insurance, but some of doctors they have do not accept same insurance. You get billed from hospital and one from doctor you see. be careful who you see very shady practices (2 weeks ago)

My father recently spent 3 days in ICU and passed away. We were so blessed with an incredible, caring nursing team during this difficult time. Shendra was with us all 3 days, along with her student Courtney. They were understanding, compassionate and kind. They explained everything patiently and answered all our questions with empathy. Angela was on night shift. She too was wonderful and caring. Thank you for being there for us, Shendra, Courtney and Angela. Bless you. ❤️ (3 months ago)

I had quadruple bypass 14 months ago and saw my heart doctor 10 minutes 12 months ago. I've had very high blood pressure for 6 months now as high as 205/130 and just a week ago finally got them to call in a blood pressure meds. So far it not working and I still have 2 weeks to go until my Dr appointment with my heart doctor. I tried to get my family Dr to do something and he ordered tests but still no meds for blood pressure. A week ago I went to the ER for high blood pressure and I didn't even get to see a doctor. I did find out I was coming down with Shingles and was sent home with instructions for that but no mention of high blood pressure. My blood pressure as we speak is 190/120 If I have a heart attack or stroke and die my family is taking legal action. (4 months ago)

They never submit my bills to the insurance company for claims before they bill me and they don't provide patient insurance info to any outsourced doctor's offices or labs . This is on purpose because they want to trick people who don't know they have to call their insurance company about the bills into paying in full and going on their payment plans. That is a very scummy and dishonest business practice. It has happened every time I've received a bill without fail and I am convinced they are running a racket on unwary patients. Don't pay them a DIME before you call your insurance. I know a lot of hospitals are probably like that but not all of them. MMH are just crooks. (6 months ago)

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