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Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital - Cah is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Ravalli County, MT.

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital - Cah does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital - Cah is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Went there as my son got a moderate concussion that I wanted checked out. Took him to the ER. Nurses and doctors were friendly and helpful, but intake was super slow and I had to answer the same question multiple times from the intake assistant...I get pretty frustrated when someone asks me a question, I answer and then they forget what my answer is and ask the same question later-especially when I want my son checked out ASAP. Took a good 3+ hours from intake to diagnosis. For a small town hospital, that seemed a little slow to me. We were there at 10am-so it's not like we were there when there was a skeleton staff. If nurses and doctor weren't as nice and reassuring to my boy, they would get fewer stars for the intake and slow diagnosis. (6 months ago)

I had the misfortune of having driving my brother to the hospital after he had a bout with food poisoning. I don't feel like I can honestly put into words the distain I have for this Hospital and its staff. After being rudely treated by the Personnel in the ER, they finally escorted him back to a room and then ignored us for almost 3 hours. In that time they told us they can't give him anything for the pain because they can't be sure he wasn't taking drugs. At three different times I tried to talk to various medical staff and see if they could do anything to help him relieve some of his pain, only to be told to calm down and that there is absolutely nothing they could do for us but to wait until the blood test results came back. I sincerely hope that I will never have to visit this hospital again because I think I will take my chances in a life-threatening situation to drive to Missoula. This hospital should be boycotted and then promptly shut down. (3 months ago)

Not capable of caring for children in the least bit. My daughter was taken in and diagnosed with pnuemonia. Two nurses were absolutely great, there were two that shouldn't be nurse. One nurse in the ICU forcefully held my 3 year old down while she was in pain, having a hard time breathing etc. My daughter was screaming for her life at this point. I had to yell at this nurse to get off my daughter and she proceeded to yell back at me that if she didn't cooperate she would die! Who says that!?! I proceeded to tell her to get out of my room so she took my daughter's oxygen tube away and told me I was refusing my daughter oxygen!!! I said no, I'm not refusing her oxygen, I'm refusing her you! Thankfully I demanded them to transport my daughter to community hospital in Missoula! I will NEVER go back to Marcus Daly! (6 months ago)

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Dr. Channer operated on me, he was very caring and thoughtful.Im so grateful for the support him and his crew gave me. Also with the oncologists in Missoula, Dr. Linford. If you want a 5 star , red carpet hospital maybe you need to leave Montana and go to California. (6 months ago)

When I broke my back they didnt do a full scan and had up and walking around! I kept getting worse and worse! They finally scanned the rest of my back, immediately strapped me to a board and said dont move! Your hoing in for emergency surgery! This was only done after 2 days of walking around. Now I have so much more damage it will never be fixed because they didnt do their jobs. My mother in law went there into ER every few months with severe stomach pain & throwing up & since shes on pain medicine for a major wreck she was in they blew her off for about 2 years. At one of these er visits we removed her from their care when we found out they gave her medicine she was allergic too. Drove her to Missoula, foind out she was having a major heart attack! They almost killed her and had no clue! If you are not bleeding out and think its safe to go to Missoula do it! Bypass MDMH if you want to be healthy (7 months ago)

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