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Mainegeneral Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Kennebec County, ME.

Mainegeneral Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Mainegeneral Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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When this hospital first opened, they were very good. My wife has been here 2 days. Countless tests done but absolutely no results of those tests. Vomiting for 5 days and no relief. What happened? (a month ago)

I have been to Maine General in the past and.well, lets say it was not a.good experience. However, do to the reduction in the so called patient centered care in my usual provider systems I was urged to seek medical attention here. I went in on a Sunday to the ER. The wait was a little long, 2 1/2 hours to be seen and a total of 8 hours in the ER. BUT, I did have to stay so maybe if they were going have been shorter. Once on the 3rd floor I was utterly shocked at the attentive, respectful and competent care I recieved. From the cleaning folks to the docs, the information was given and not once did eyes get rolled nor were their sighs of exasperation. All the aides and nurses were completely awesome. The "dining" was a great change too. No nasty food here and it was at your time not a slot the hospital felt was the right time to eat. Caal, order and within 45 mins a tray appears carried by a friendly face ready to cut it all into bites if you so need. Best 9f all, if you had a visitor, you could order for them too for a small fee. It was great. So, if you have need, based on what I have seen so far, I would highly recommend these most excellent people who man the stations at Maine General Medical Center! (in the last week)

The medical insurance I get through my employer has an $8k yearly deductible for my family (thanks, Obamacare), and when we asked about payment plans to help spread out the cost of multiple specialist appointments and a minor surgery we received a lot of odd stares from staff as if that's not a normal thing for a person to need. Even the financial services councillor treated us like we were poor, asking about our annual income because apparently anyone on a budget should probably qualify for Mainecare, right? The facilities, doctors, etc. are all seem to perfectly fine, but apparently you should only go there if you're loaded or on welfare. (a month ago)

I changed to Oakland family medicine. I used to see my doctor at least twice a year as. I have many health issues now i am lucky to see him at all. Had a blockage a year a go have not seen the cardiac doctor yet just the P A . Had hard time breathing yesterday can't see my P A went to express care they said they didn't see any thing amd gave me an inhaler. I was up all night now setting here coughing my lungs out and can't get anyone to call me back or answer the phone. So if you want to talk to answer machines never see a Doctor and hope you can get better pn your own go to Maine General. (a month ago)

30 minutes to register for lab work- receptionist very nice but only 3 registration people who were not very attentive- chatting and long delays between patients. 3 people processed 12 patients in 30 minutes. (3 weeks ago)

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