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Main Line Hospital Lankenau is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Montgomery County, PA.

Main Line Hospital Lankenau does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Main Line Hospital Lankenau is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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To my nurse on the floor of 320,5/20/18- 5/22/18 Thank you for taking care of me!and ER was right on time to take care of me Thank You! One thing that I am upset about is I left my apple phone chargers in my room in plug behind the bed on the wall..... Now I call up there no one saw it... so that mean that housekeeping clean room had see it and took it okay! The cleaning women I saw as I was leaving My room she had a beautiful color scarf On her head at that time she was at room next door to my room.... all I know is my $25.00 cord is gone now I am upset because that mean someone who work there took it... I call nurses station last night no one saw it to me that a lie okay..... I call housekeeping man there say to me oh it mix with the laundry Now that a lie because all night Gowns and towels Was in a Pal on floor that I put there next to big trashcan!!! All I want is my Phone Cord, or check for $25.00 so I can get me apple phone cord..... Ms Rosalyn James Ps all my doctors are there and I like hospital but now went someone take something that not there!!! Oh I live in Florida but I come up here see my doctors here at hospital..... Medical Doctor,Pain Doctor,GI Doctor, foot doctor, surgeon doctor, Ironing Doctor, 5 Doctors are under one roof...I be here for 3 more months.... (in the last week)

Great staff excellent heart surgical ward. Well kept and maintained waiting rooms. The only downside is the parking lot charges especially if you have an inpatient that will be visited frequently. Otherwise it’s a great place glad it’s in the neighborhood (3 weeks ago)

Had the worst experience with Labor & Delivery in Feb 2018 with my daughter ending up with a C-Section. Was induced on a Thursday morning and by Friday night after not progressing past 5 Centimeters, they decided it was definitely time to take baby C-section but needed it approved by Doctor L. who was in charge of the floor that night . Well , he decides NO WAY ,he's going to reboot her body and now had Pitocin level in the 30's and asked the family members in the room " WHO'S in the Big rush here " . The baby's heart rate was going from 60 to 202 up & down and was told he's just playing but it was him pushing on her pelvic bone trying to get out . To top it off , when they decided to give up on Saturday AM with direction from another MD , the Epidural had fallen out for 6 hours and not one nurse thought to check or to figure out why she had been in so much pain all night. Mom ended up with fever , levels we're off and had to have blood transfusion and Magnesium. Room and bathrooms we're dirty . I myself, go to Lankenau for Heart and would recommend but NOT labor & delivery when you need to be induced (a month ago)

I've been here 3 times. Once for a brain bleed stroke; once for a fever that a I developed in rehab after after the brain surgery for that stroke and a month ago for head injury after a bad fall. I've never received better care anywhere else. The type of stroke I had has a 98% fatality rate but due to the care and talent of the neurosurgery department, I survived. I really wish I could say more thank you but you gave my life back. Thank you. (a month ago)

Have been to this hospital with family a few times and have always encountered pleasant and professional staff. (a month ago)

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