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Named among the top six hospitals in the Philadelphia metro area and top 12 in the state of Pennsylvania by U.S. News & World Report, Bryn Mawr Hospital ha

Main Line Hospital Bryn Mawr Campus is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Delaware County, PA.

Main Line Hospital Bryn Mawr Campus does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Main Line Hospital Bryn Mawr Campus is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I had a wonderful experience with the nurses on the labor and delivery floor and the maternity floor. I was sad every time there was a shift change because I loved my nurse, but I ended up liking the new ones who came on shift just as much. Very caring and wonderful nurses who answer questions and spend as much time with you as you need. I had two AMAZING nurses who were with me while I was in labor and I wish I could remember their names- I was so thankful they were there, they had wonderful bedside manner and truly helped me stay calm and get through delivery. I also had great experiences with both of the lactation consultants, Jill and Lydia. Even the security guards were amazing- we arrived at the hospital at 3am and I was in labor and could barely walk, a security guard met us and led us quickly to the right floor, then he even took my husbands car (which we had left running outside the main doors) to the valet and brought him back the keys on the L&D floor. We were so grateful! I had to drive 30 minutes to Bryn Mawr to have my baby but it was worth it and I know I will deliver there again if I have another! My ONLY complaint is that the woman who takes the room service orders over the phone was rude to me every time I placed an order- that was disappointing because everyone else was so helpful and pleasant! (5 months ago)

If I stay in the area, ALL of my future children will be delivered here! Such a wonderful experience! (2 months ago)

We were here for L&D and the experience was great with nurses & doctor, but staff in maternity were horrible especially in night shifts & weekends. They were expecting us to do everything by ourselfs instead helping us out and they were expecting the visiting guests to help us instead. Moreover we had go through rude lectures for requesting to hold our daughter for a moment. This is just the major part so you can imagine how other things would have gone....... my wife was in so much pain on the day of leaving as they forgot to provide medication. (6 months ago)

1 review 1.0 star rating 10/3/2017 If i could give a negative 1 i would. My father in law was in for the second time in a week. He is a 92 year old man who lives alone when healthy. The case worker in charge decided that he was good enough to go home. She never bothered setting up any plan for his discharge. Basically telling us to pick him up on a day my wife and I both work. He was also discharged from Bryn Mawr Extended care the same day. The only choice besides leaving him on the streets like the case worker Lisa would have liked, was to bring him to our home. No problem bringing him here,except he has not walked steps in 4 weeks. We have steps to get to the bedrooms. Neither the hospital or the rehab had him doing steps. They did nothing to help. I have never experienced such a non caring bunch of administrators in my life. Despicable treatment of a human being. Bryn Mawr Hospital needs to reavaluate the children they have running the Hospital. God help us all. (9 months ago)

Came in for an abcess on my leg. A student accidentally kicked me and due to blood pressure meds the leg was swollen so a hematoma develops. I have some high blood pressure and a kidney transplant so they admit me. Instead of sending in nephrologists and cardiologists I get a floor doctor who is supposedly consulting with these specialists. A foot dr. (?) bursts the hematoma and then wraps it. I am given some Iv antibiotics and told they will culture the fluid. I am to be seen by infectious disease. I never do see infectious disease. They abruptly stop the antibiotics cause I don't need them and no they are not going to culture the fluids from my leg NOT FOOT! They wrap my leg up super tight and disappear Two days later I have to unwrap it and the nurse is not sure if I can shower or not because of the hematoma. UH how about contact a dr.? I was pretty happy that they were going to address the blood pressure issues. The meds I was on were not working well. How do they go about this? They start dosing me with the blood pressure med round the clock even giving it to me through IV. It congests me and clogs my ears and my blood pressure never gets below 160. I complain some and ask for a different drug. Nurse states they do not change your meds while you are an inpatient just try to adjust them. Well since the floor doctor I am seeing does not appear to have any type of specialty medical degree maybe he should stay away from blood pressure meds. All the while they are taking blood work and my creatinine level is `getting super high. I may need dialysis. I finally just checked myself out. My discharge papers list all the specialists that my floor doctor was supposedly consulting. I saw him every morning at 8 am and then not again till the following day. So if you want to watch tv in an overpriced room go here. If you want real medical help keep driving. I keep hearing this place is going down the drain, yes it is. I was actually healthier before I was admitted. I was also given a variety of diet plans that included regular with no concentrated sweets, diabetic, low sodium and pureed! Who is in charge? I was injected with Procrit an expensive,long term therapy for anemia. Don't know when I'll receive another dose of it since I am not currently receiving it from any of my health providers, and have not in years. Except for Bryn Mawr billing my insurance the benefits of that were nothing. I also was injected daily with a blood thinner to prevent blood clots in my legs although I was only there for three days and have never needed a blood thinner or had any history of blood clots. I do have high blood pressure that is due to renal insufficiency NOT STROKE OR HEART ATTACK!! Why would I need a blood thinner, two days in bed? These people were taking shots in the dark. I was discharged with no instructions for caring for my leg but to follow up with podiatry. No follow up at all with Nephrology.. Advice to see my primary care doctor who I see for colds not kidney transplant or even blood pressure ( I have plenty of specialists) and then they scheduled me an appointment with Dr George Chamoun for April 11 No one mentioned this to me and he is not my cardiologist. Clearly no one listened to me in any effort to gather pertinent information and help me This is just a huge insurance scam. Update: I was contacted by my nephrologist today (a Bryn Mawr physician) who was never notified i was an inpatient. Nice! (4 months ago)

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