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Maimonides Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Kings County, NY.

Maimonides Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Maimonides Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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The best hospital in NYC. The best doctor, the most patient nurses and excellent trainers staff. I feel they’re like my family. This is my third child’ delivery in this Maimonides hospital. I recommend the best hospitals ever. May God bless all of staff and Maimonides member. (a month ago)

This is my honest opinion about this hospital. My current close family friend had stage 2 lung cancer which later on progressed to stage 4 as of right now. Now I’m wondering how can someone who is repeatedly getting their medication and during the span of three months progressed this quickly? That’s probably because they didn’t do anything. The doctors there walk around acting if they’re better than everyone else because they have a medical degree. If I had the ability to revoke it I would. One of the doctors there had to put on a safety gown left the room and came back in. That is unsanitary and disgusting. An innocent mans life is on the line because this hospital couldn’t hire the proper doctors. When they came inside the room, none of the doctors had compassion, not even one smile on their faces. This is how they treat a dying man. I’m truly disgusted and sad. Please for anyone who’s reading this don’t take risk of losing your loved ones. This is a heartbreaking story of an innocent man who had a chance of living and now is waiting to enter heaven. (a month ago)

This review is specific to my labor and delivery. I have had no other experiences in this hospital. At this time the hospital is going through some upgrades it seems, but the labor and delivery area definitely needs a bit of love but it’s nice enough. Through my labor all of the nurses I interacted with were really fabulous. I interacted with two anesthesiologists during my labor as well who were great. While I had a really long and tough labor, everyone was actually great. I was treated with respect and courtesy. Transitioning to the recovery is where it all fell apart. Like in L&D, the nurses were really wonderful from what I experienced. Warm, extremely knowledgeable, caring. I don’t think I can say enough positive things about the nursing staff. The issue I have is with the pediatric team. My daughter ended up losing more than the permissible weight for discharge, which I didn’t learn until I was about to be discharged, the pediatric team gave no real reasons why it was so concerning (she was a big baby and her weight was fully stabilized), but wanted to follow the book. So we stayed an extra night. The next day the rules changed, she had to meet some additional criteria to get out, I saw three med students - one of which actually told me to keep feeding her as much as possible as the worst that can happen is she vomits (I said this to a nurse after and she was horrified, as feeding a new born to vomiting is dangerous for obvious reasons). The main pediatrician came by later in the morning and gave me mixed information about if we could leave later that day (like 11pm like a different baby did). I waited all day for her to come back to check up on the baby (like if we are such a concern why isn’t she speaking to us, or does she need to test for some mystery illnesses?) and I had to be discharged as there was no medical reason to keep me. She left for the day without coming - even though I had been asking for her. Naturally I didn’t want to leave my newborn (even though the nurses are amazing, as a new mother this just wasn’t an option for me) and I was able to keep my room with the help of the patient advocate but I’ll be paying for it out of pocket. What has been the most frustrating is the lack of communication and disregard for the stress that this is causing not just me, but my whole extended family. It seems like the pediatrician isn’t actually reviewing the baby but is just looking at a checklist and squeezing money from us. No additional tests have been done, she’s actually been ready for discharge on the day she was supposed to but just waiting DRs permission. All I want is to take my baby home and these doctors have made the experience absolutely horrible. After my labor and delivery I was definitely thinking I would come back her to deliver again, but now I will absolutely avoid it - I am changing my practitioner (who I love, so I’m very sad) so I wouldn’t have to deliver here again. You can’t avoid interacting with this team if you deliver here so do keep that in mind. The other thing to note is that this is supposed to be a breastfeeding hospital, but they offer very little actual support for it. They pushed formula as a solution to everything, when I was faced with going home they told me they would formula feed - there is no plan for a new mother staying somewhere (like a lounge) when her baby needs to stay so she can breastfeed. Like all of that would be okay for a hospital that isn’t showing how proud it is that it completely supports breastfeeding - it feels like a total facade. (3 months ago)

i went their for back surgery, had to stay overnight. while my stay a social worker or supervisor of the floor walked in the room i was staying in gave me a very cold smile which I found very odd because she didn't do that to the other patient that was in the room with me, before I knew less than three minutes later she's looking on the computer (never mind the computer is facing my room) she advertised that i was taking Wellbutrin and started humiliating me to the entire staff about this and said I was emotionally challenged which was a violation of my privacy right there! if it wasn't for one of the nurses sticking up for me I would've let that cold-hearted witch have it. emotionally challenged?? gee I never knew that about myself.. i called the telephone number of the complaint departments and was told they only take complaints in writing then why put a phone number on the patients rights form when you enter the hospital?? I have been in numerous hospitals for pass back surgeries maimonies is by far the worst hospital I've ever been to. if you ever stay in this hospital take a pair of earplugs with you because it's also a very noisy hospital and hard to sleep at night stay away from this place. (in the last week)

Very bad department of obstetrics and gynecology. Neither polite nor polite, nor patient. If you can get to another hospital quickly, there are a few white women whose services are really bad. (a month ago)

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