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Photo: Magee-Women's Hospital of UPMC

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Magee Womens Hospital Of Upmc Health System is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Allegheny County, PA.

Magee Womens Hospital Of Upmc Health System does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Magee Womens Hospital Of Upmc Health System is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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I was bleeding profusely upon arriving, actively struggling to miscarry. The male nurse I had was the kindest, most professional and caring nurse I've ever had. He showed his concern for my condition, monitored me and even gently held my hand during some of the exams. He really made my loss less terrifying. The female nurse running the show was a little less concerned. My male nurse kept telling her how I was bleeding through bed pads and she didn't seem worried until my blood pressure dropped to 70/30, it became difficult for me to breathe/see or hear and I became limp/unconscious. A doctor rushed in, and according to my partner, yelled at the female nurse for not monitoring me appropriately. I came to with a huge IV in a different place on my arm and was taken immediately for an emergency D&C. The female nurse later told me, "You must have gotten too hot." Umm, OK... I've been hot plenty of times in my life and never had that happen, so who knows what she put in my file. But my male nurse was amazing and post op nurse was also sweet and caring. I would come back. (a week ago)

Racist company. Racist hospital. Over it. My mother and I had our very important appointments cancelled because apparently the doctor resigned? So, you call us a week before our appointment to let us know this? If you knew she was going to resign, why didn’t you tell us this sooner when our appointment was scheduled months ago?! And now we have to wait another month to be seen now? Are you kidding me????!!! This hospital and UPMC in general are so bigoted. And, I’m sure all the non-black women get seen right away but meanwhile we have to wait so long just for one f**king appointment???!! (a month ago)

I’ve seen some horrible reviews on here about how bad this hospital is. It’s not. This is a amazing hospital. Great doctors, Nurses, and Staff. The food in their cafeteria is wonderful for a hospital or any mass cooking institution. One of the best things that I seen about this hospital is how they deal with early babies. My newborn sister was born a month before her due date and is her small. However, thanks to the NICU she is alive and doing okay. Which is amazing. I know my local hospital was unqualified to deal with that case. Overall I recommend this hospital to any birthing mother. Any bad reviews just sounds like people not getting their way. (3 weeks ago)

I came to their ER department today and everyone was just wonderful to be honest. Yesterday I had nose surgery (septoplasty and turbonectomy) with my main surgeon. Today I sneezed and popped a stitch and started bleeding/draining pretty bad. My main surgeon is in Philly for the day, so I went to McGee as they are the closest ER to my home. The nurses were absolutely kind and wonderful. I'm a huge baby when it comes to getting blood drawn and the lady was just so sweet. The waiting room was kept very clean, and the entire staff was very professional. Thank you again! (in the last week)

My experience with Breast Cancer treatment beginning 10/02/2017. How one surgeon affected my cancer treatment at Magee “He didn’t sing to me”. More to come. Always get a second opinion. Bad decisions by your doctor could lead to a hospital transmitted infection. Why would a doctor insist that you have two surgeries instead of one if possible? Risks of an infection rise each time you enter Operating Room. (a month ago)

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