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MADERA, CA 93637

Looking for medical services in Madera? Trust a hospital that has been serving the community since 1971! Contact Madera Community Hospital now!

Madera Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Madera County, CA.

Madera Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Madera Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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I was offered a job here August 2016. I was fired by Sept 2016. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE EXPERIENCED SUCH RACISM AND UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF IN MY LIFE. My very 1st day, I was yelled at and told I have to learn Spanish within a week. I was laughed at, bullied and treated so horrible. I remember being in front of Er Admitting and our lead Erin started screaming and yelling at me say " I could not help a patient whose family was interpreting for their love one". She was so bad that the patient left. I also remember Erin yelling at an African American elderly patient saying he was not in line to check in. He keep saying he have been trying to check in for chest pain for 30 min. The next day that man died. SMH! I was nicknamed "Ebony" because of my skin color. So they would call me Ebony instead of my legal name. After I complained, I was fired without the head manager asking me any questions. Never ever take you love ones here! Never! Erin was the worst RACIST person I've EVER encountered. Funny thing is that I was told by manager she treated another black girl the same way before I got hired. Madera Hospital is RACIST! Against blacks, poor black, Hispanic people. Every Hispanic person with tattoos was called a criminal and talked about by staff. Every black person was a drug addict or worse. (a month ago)

Worst hosptial ever should be shut down. Take the drive to go to any other hospital. Does not matter which one. Any will be better than here (2 weeks ago)

I went to ER due to chest discomfort. The Triage Nurse did not allow my family member to join me as he did EVERY OTHER PATIENT! I was seen by a PA who gave me a diagnosis without ever examining me. I had to tell him to remove that diagnosis from my paperwork because he had absolutely no basis for it. They made me sit in the COLD COLD COLD waiting area. I was called back for an EKG then back to lobby, Nurse came with wheelchair and I didn’t kno why- took me tonhave chest X-ray and I didn’t know why. And then back to COLD COLD COLD lobby. Nurse came to get me for blood tests - I didn’t know why- them back to COLD COLD COLD lobby. This was all done in 30-40 minute interval. I never say PA or doctor again. I was called to the back to sit in a chair on the wall to be D/C. A nurse that I had never seen gave me paperwork to sign saying I was diagnosed with something that I was never examined for. I told her I wanted to see PA. He came to talk to me about what- I still don’t know- all I know is I feel the exact same way I did when I walked through the door. I asked him how he diagnose me without ever touching or examining me. I told him to REMOVE that dx from my file AND HE DID. I spoke with a doctor who sat NEXT TO ME IN THE CHAIR. He NEVER examined me. He just talked to me and gave me some stomach medicine to help with my chest discomfort. He told me ER IS NOT PCP. I had to follow up with PCP. I had to ask about EKG results, blood test results and x-ray results- what are y’all looking for? I left with new D/C paperwork and went to see my PCP the very next day. She touched my abdomen and I almost jumped off of the table it was so painful. Long story short is I’m calling my insurance to tell them about this medical experience that they are paying for. Very poor medical care for me that did not want to include my family. Total discrimination - after allowing everyone else’s loved ones to join them. #DissatisfiedPatient (a month ago)

The only reason for any stars are for the ER nurses and LVNs they took great care of us and made sure to push the PA to see us faster. The "provider" if you would call Frank that. He has the worst bedside manner. Who answers their phone while in a sterile environment before giving a patient stitches?? I had to ask him to change his gloves before touching anything else. The nurses called him 3 times that my husband was ready but he was to busy just hanging out. There was only one other patient that was asleep in the ER and 3 in the waiting room. I will be filing a formal complaint asap. (7 months ago)

Great experience. Minor emergency handled very professionally even though there was an overflow of patients. Closest hospital to Madera, this hospital works hard to account for an entire city. RNs and LVNs work hard here, and if this hospital were shut down, the closest hospital would be Childrens Hospital. Imagine having to send your kids an additional 20 minutes away in an Emergency. Thank goodness for MCH. (5 months ago)

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