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MADERA, CA 93637

Looking for medical services in Madera? Trust a hospital that has been serving the community since 1971! Contact Madera Community Hospital now!

Madera Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Madera County, CA.

Madera Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Madera Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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The only reason for any stars are for the ER nurses and LVNs they took great care of us and made sure to push the PA to see us faster. The "provider" if you would call Frank that. He has the worst bedside manner. Who answers their phone while in a sterile environment before giving a patient stitches?? I had to ask him to change his gloves before touching anything else. The nurses called him 3 times that my husband was ready but he was to busy just hanging out. There was only one other patient that was asleep in the ER and 3 in the waiting room. I will be filing a formal complaint asap. (5 months ago)

Great experience. Minor emergency handled very professionally even though there was an overflow of patients. Closest hospital to Madera, this hospital works hard to account for an entire city. RNs and LVNs work hard here, and if this hospital were shut down, the closest hospital would be Childrens Hospital. Imagine having to send your kids an additional 20 minutes away in an Emergency. Thank goodness for MCH. (3 months ago)

Worst service ever. Took my child to the emergency room with a cu across his finger. Staff was as siis ring around most of the time I was there, weren’t helpful. When I finally get help they glued his fingers instead of stitching them. Which I am finding now by his dr. That it didn’t work. Who ever it was that helped me was not wearing gloves and didn’t wash his hands. You hear so many bad things about this hospital, and I just say they are all true. I panicked and went to my nearest hospital which was this one, but if you have kids just go to valley children’s. My baby will probably need a minor surgery now and it was all because these incompetent people were not able to help. (6 months ago)

You hear some not so positive comments regarding MCH, but I experienced the complete opposite. I was processed quickly and treated well by professionally trained staff. My care professional was PA, Luna Oul that gave me excellent care. He gave me insight with my medical situation and answered all my questions. The only challenge I had was with my prescription, it was sent to wrong pharmacy which could happen since the both are on Cleveland and start with Wal--. Thanks again! (7 months ago)

If there was an option not to give a star I definitely would have chose that. I was told by my PCP that I had cellulitis and that if I started to vomit or have other symptoms to go straight to the ER. I'm 28 weeks pregnant and couldn't stop throwing up, i also felt like someone was sitting on my chest, my leg was very swollen and something just wasn't right. I wasn't even taken back to a room nor did the nurse practitioner look at my rash or leg before she told me I had the "stomach flu" she tried to give me something for the vomiting and asked me to drink a liter of water and sent me home. I'm also anemic and had let her know I was unable to keep my iron pills down, the only thing they heard out of all my symptoms was that I was vomiting when there was definitely more that I was concerned about than that. I felt rushed by the staff and they were very rude. None of them seemed to have good bedside manner nor sympathy. I will only be coming to this hospital for labor and delivery. It's pretty sad when urgent care did more for me after I left the ER. (9 months ago)

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